Scrubs !

Barisha And Adam

Environment of Scrubs

"Dessert areas are rarely devoid of life. Instead, they abound with wonderfully adapted plants and animals that have evolved various mechanisms for tolerating or avoiding the extremes of aridity and temperature that might be encountered in their environment."
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Areas Located

  • Mediterranean Basin
  • Baja California Pennsula
  • Chilean Matorral
  • Southwest Australia
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At present, the scrub that surrounds the Mediterranean basin certainly hosts fewer animals because of the long history of man’s local activities: in other parts of the world, this biome houses, instead, many animals. Here one can find wild boars, roe deer, deer, squirrels, wolves, foxes, badgers, rodents, tortoises, lizards and many species of birds. Animals living on ground include snails, insects and earthworms, and twice a year they have to cope with two seasons in which they have to stop all activity: the winter cold (hibernation)