Univeristy of Connecticut

Storrs, CT

School Traditions

UConn has a variety of annual events that keep current students connected to the University. Here are a few highlights.Midnight Breakfast: An end-of-the-semester stress buster which occurs the night before final exams. Students share music and good times while their professors serve them breakfast snacks and other brain food. This tradition is able to help out the students by allowing them to not be stressed and worried for the upcoming day. It allows the students to talk with others and eat healthy so that they can ready and focused for exam day.One-Ton Sundae: The UConn Dairy Bar satisfies your sweet tooth by combining their signature flavors to create a giant hot fudge sundae. During Winter Weekend students, staff and faculty line up and pay a few dollars to receive as much ice cream as their giant buckets can hold. It allows the students and staff to have a little fun and reward them for there hard work. One-Ton Sundae is a goofy tradition, but no matter how goofy it is, its still a school tradition.Ooozeball: Students splash around in 600 gallons of water and 60 tons of dirt during our annual mud volleyball tournament. Doing this tradition allows the students of the University to cool down on a hot summer day. It supplys much joyfulness to everyone and is a blast to play. There are so many people who love to compete in the volleyball game. Who doesnt love to get down and dirty in the mud while playing volleyball.
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