Dont let friends go

Gabe Bravo 1/2

Analysis of the Developement of Theme

Freak and Max just nieghbors one day but the next day best friends. The conflict effects the theme because it strenghthens the relationship between the 2 main characters. As life goes on for Freak The Might the whole book changes because they become better friends and trust each other more and more. The setting plays a big part to because every second that Freak The Mighty spend together slaying dragons freeing princesses or just on quests the setting get more and more important. If they didn't have a setting how could they go on there quests? Which gains trust and build confidence with these characters that makes my theme explode. Each day Max looks forward to hanging out Freak because that's his only friend so when Freak dies Max cant let him go.

Reflection And Application of Theme

The theme i have chose fits the book perfectly it captures every detail between Freak and Max. The author of the book made it super obvious about the fact that this is a good theme. As the book progresses you begin to feel for Freak The Mighty, or you want to keep reading to find out what happens next. They begin to grow as friends and soon they go on quests day after day. Everyday that they play with each other makes Max not want to let Freak go which is why I chose my theme. When Freak saved Maxes life from Killer Kane that made Max think that Freak is a true friend. In the end it led Max to never want to let his best friend A.K.A Freak go.

Write a Summary of the Text

Max meets Freak in his backyard. That's what sparked their relationship. They played with Freaks ornithopter until it broke. Then Freak began to come to Maxes house everyday. Max learned a lot from Freak because he told him words he didn't know or didn't understand also after a few days they would start to go on quests that made each other stronger and want to be friends more. Their friendship grew and grew. One of the times they were hanging out they were in the millpond and Tony D was throwing rocks at them. On one of there missions or quests the met Loretta and Iggy Lee. Then Maxes dad became a parole and kidnapped Max leaving no evidence behind. He took Max to Loretta and Iggys house then to a old womens house. Loretta tried to save Max but to no avail Killer Kane came back and just about killed her and Max. Freak came in out of nowhere and shot Killer Kane in the eye with soap. Then they book gets sad after the conflict ends down. Freak dies in the hospital and Max couldn't get over it.