The 13 Courageous Colonies Paper

By: Christian Noel, Abby Brown, and Addison Chad White

Hard Times: An Editorial from a Patriot By: Christian Noel

Those filthy loyalist and there darn crown of England. The Proclamation, Stamp Act, and Intolerable Acts. However, things came to us the were pretty fortunate, like the French and Indian War and the Declaration of Independence. The things that we experienced really screwed us over. The for the most part the king just wanted to tick us off and when I tell you that we are at the end of our rope, we are about to blow a top. The French and Indian War led us into a false sense of happiness thinking that we could beat these English fools. We were all fools. However, hope came along when Thomas Jefferson drafted this piece of paper called the, " Declaration of Independence" in 1776 when we kept complaining about the treatment we received from the British government. This occurred Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This is how we gained our Independence for England.

When Stuff Hits the Fan: An Editorial From a Loyalist By: A.C. White

As a loyalist don't want separation from England, because the King worked hard to get this land for us. I try to be as loyal as i can to the king. At times we are called tories, royalists or kings men. I suffer harassment from other people in the colony. 1 in every 6 Americans are loyalist, and that number would have been higher if the patriots hadn't been so successful in threatening and punishing people who made loyalist sympathies known to public. We fight for the king, but are people are quickly deteriorating due to the actions of the patriots.

Intolerable Acts By: Abby Brown