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Newsletter for Parents

Regina Matthews, Principal
Michael Beal, Assistant Principal

Achieving Greatness Together

Dear Cedarmere Families,

We are so excited to welcome back all of our students who have chosen in person hybrid learning beginning March 1, 2021. We know that you have several questions and concerns as you send your child back to school. We are working very hard to ensure that this transition is smooth for all of us. However, we know it will need to be a team effort, so we can continue to achieve greatness together! This welcome back newsletter contains some important dates, reminders and information that you may find important as your child returns back to in person learning.

Important Dates

  • February 22 - Asynchronous Learning Day for Students in Prek - 2nd Grade Only
  • February 24 - Asynchronous Learning Day for ALL STUDENTS
  • February 24 - @ 6:00 pm- CES Health & Safety Family Night w/Nurse Kick (1CESFamilies)
  • February 25 - @6:00 pm - CES Health & Safety Family Night w/Nurse Kick (Spanish Speaking Families)
  • February 26 - 3 Hour Early Dismissal for Prek- Grade 2 Only
  • March 1 - Prek- 2 Return to School for Hybrid Model Learning
  • March 15 - Intermediate CLS Students Return
  • April 6 - Grades 3-5 Return to School for Hybrid Model Learning


BCPS Superintendent Dr. Williams recently announced that in accordance with the BCPS Re-Opening Plan, schools will soon begin transitioning to a hybrid instruction model that accommodates both virtual and in-person learning. To understand the timelines and processes involved with the gradual re-entry for those students who wish to return, please click here to view the most up to date information off of the BCPS website.

Please click the link below to review the BCPS Hybrid model schedule for students. If your child is currently virtual and you would like to switch them to hybrid model learning you must complete the form which is located on our CES Website, or click the link below. Please note that the date of your request will determine when your child begins in person learning.

Hybrid Model Schedule

Hybrid Model Schedule

New Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

School begins for students at 8:30 am each day and dismissal is at 3:00 pm. The doors for students will open at 8:15 am, and early dismissal ends at 2:30 pm. Due to our changes in arrival and dismissal procedures, we strongly recommend that if your child is late for school or needs to be picked up early, that parents consider virtual learning for that day ONLY. Parents will be unable to enter the building during arrival and dismissal in order to us to maintain a more physically healthy environment and decrease contact tracing.


In order for us to maintain social distancing. Students will enter in the morning as follows:

PreKindergarten: Classroom Doors

Kindergarten: Side Right Entrance (Beside Gym)

1st & 2nd Grade: Will enter their classrooms through their classroom doors.

3rd Grade - Side Right Entrance

4th Grade - Main Entrance (Center)

5th Grade - Side Left Entrance

CLS Students - Side Right Entrance

Learning Cottage Students - Will go directly to the Learning Cottages

Late Arrivals

If students arrive late, parents will need to call the office, so someone can come meet your child upon arrival. As parents will not be allowed to enter the building.

Dismissal Procedures

Dismissal for Cedarmere will remain the same as it was last school year, however due to our need to maintain social distancing, there will be an extended amount of time for dismissal.

Bus Riders, will continue to exit out of the main door, escorted by an adult. Students who ride the bus must sit on the bus one student to a seat, unless they have a sibling. Siblings can sit together.

Car Riders & Walkers, will continue to exit by the door on the right. Parents will need to stagger and maintain social distancing while waiting for their children. Parents must park their vehicles and walk up to the door and please wait patiently while we call your child's number to meet you. The first few weeks of school this may take a much longer time, so we ask you to please be patient. (Each child will be assigned a number to display to the adult and they will have your child come to you, once you present your assigned school number for your child).

Early Dismissal

The office will need a 24 hour notice if you want your child dismissed early. Parents will need to call the office and a staff member will bring your child to meet you in your vehicle. Please make sure you have your identification with you to be displayed. Early dismissal ends at 2:30 pm.

Breakfast and Lunch

Students will continue to be offered breakfast each morning when they arrive at school. In addition students will all be offered free lunch each day. Lunch will be a "cold" grab and go lunch daily for students. There will be no snacks sold in the cafeteria and therefore no exchanging of money. If you have money on your account from the previous school year, please click the link below to request a refund from Food & Nutrition Services.

Student Expectations

We will continue to have high expectations for our students as they transition to in person learning. Please consider reviewing the "BCPS Student Handbook" which reviews important guidelines for those students remaining remote as well as those returning to in person learning. We know it takes a village in order for our children to be successful. This past year, has taught each of us that more I am sure. Please review the handbook at www.bcps.org with your child prior to them returning to school and with those students who will remain virtual.


Parents of students who will be coming back to the school building for hybrid learning will need to make sure that we are aware of any changes in health status. If your student is missing needed health forms, copies are being currently mailed to your home address. Please have the doctor fill out and sign their portion of the forms. You can either drop them off in-person, mail them to the school or email them to skick@bcps.org. Please call the school ahead of time (410-887-1100) to coordinate when dropping off forms, or if you have any questions for the school nurse and need to report any changes. If your student will need to take medication while at school, we will need a signed order and the medication to be brought to school. Please call to make arrangements to bring it in.

If you need assistance in finding a health care provider or in obtaining medical insurance, please contact the nurse at 410-887-7055 or at dchetelat@bcps.org.

Maryland law requires a physical examination when a student is enrolling in school for the first time, and we are also required by law to have proof of students having received age-appropriate immunizations. A blood lead test is also required for first entry into preschool, kindergarten or first grade.

Procedures for Medications/Treatments given at School

To maintain safety, changes have been made to the medication drop off procedure.

This applies to prescription, over the counter medications, vitamins and/or supplements.

Only Adults may drop off/pick up medications. Students are not allowed to carry medications to/from school.

Parents/Guardians should consult with the school nurse by phone or email before planning to drop off medications. Nurse Kick may be reached at 410-887-6944 or at skick@bcps.org

Before you drop off medications/supplies:

1. Each medication or treatment must have its own Medication form completed by a Health Care Provider and signed by the Parent/Guardian. A Medication form is on next page (most Health Care Providers have the form as well).

2. Medication must be in the original prescription labeled or over the counter packaging (no loose pills).

3. Parent/Guardian must provide a written or typed and signed note that includes:

· Name of the child and the medication (s)

· Total amount of the medication: number of pills, inhalers, bottles of liquid medications or tubes of ointment.

· Any supplies needed provided to give medications/treatments: inhaler spacers, tubing, gloves etc.

Drop off Procedure:

· Parent/Guardian/designated adult will need to stay outside and will be met at the front entrance door.

· Medications will be accepted between the hours of: 8:30 TO 9:00 am.

· Person will need to be prepared to wait while medications and paperwork are checked.

***Please download form at the bottom of this newsletter.*****

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Please join us during one of the sessions below to learn specifics about Cedarmere's reopening plan. Information will be shared about how your student’s in-person school experience will be similar and different from before the pandemic began. Topics will include changes to arrival, dismissal, face coverings, social distancing, daily health screening and when to stay home, breakfast and lunch, supplies, visitors, and hand hygiene. You can join us for either session (or both) via Google Meet using the code: 1CESFamilies

Session 1: Wednesday, February 24 @ 6:00 p.m.

Session 2: Thursday, February 25 @ 6:00 pm (Spanish Speaking Families)

"Great Minds, Great Thinkers, High Achievers!"


Teach – We will teach children to become independent critical thinkers.

Equip – We will equip students with the necessary academic social and emotional skills they need to be productive citizens.

Accelerate – We will make sure that our students have the capacity to accelerate among their peers to be globally competitive.

Mobilize – We will mobilize students by ensuring that each individual child has equitable access to customized learning.

Core Beliefs

We believe in respecting individuality and diversity of all members of the learning community.

We believe instruction must be relevant to our students’ cultures, interests, perspectives and lived experiences.

We believe all students can achieve high academic outcomes and therefore, all teaching and learning must be rigorous and reflect high expectations for all students.

We believe it is necessary to collaborate with families, community members, teachers and staff members to accomplish the mission of Cedarmere ES.