Wildlife Resort In Bandipur- Enjoy

Wildlife Resorts In Bandipur – Enjoy Nature From Up Close

There are many wonderful nature reserves all over India and Bandipur is one of the better known ones in South India. Located in the Southern state of Karnataka, this wildlife reserve spread over 880 square kilometers is home to an immense variety of flora and fauna. As a Project Tiger reserve, this is a good place to view these majestic cats in their natural setting. The other animals that live here include Indian bison, shopped deer, sloth bears and elephants. There are many wonderful Wildlife Resorts In Bandipur where one can have an excellent base from where to have a great vacation.

There is a good selection of resorts in Bandipur thanks to its proximity to major cities such as Mysore and Bangalore. The best resorts here offer more than just luxury accommodation. They also have a wide range of amenities and features such as swimming pool, spa and multi-cuisine restaurants. The resorts here also have excellent communication facilities and one doesn’t have to be completely cut off from the rest of the world (unless one prefers to). Most luxury properties also take care to meet the dietary requirements of guests, and so people who are on restricted diets will not have a problem staying in these hotels.

These resorts also make arrangements for jungle safaris whereby guests can explore the jungle in the company of experienced and knowledgeable guides. Many hotels also offer tours to local tribal settlements. All transfers are organized in well maintained minibuses or 4WDs. This is very important because safety should be the primary concern when venturing into the forest. As a matter of fact, it is best to avoid the cheaper safaris because of safety issues. One can also opt for an elephant safari which offers a great way and a unique perspective to experience nature. While trekking is not allowed in the Bandipur forest, one can go for exciting treks in nearby areas.

Travelers will be happy to find out that there are many luxury and budget resorts in Bandipur. It is very easy to find accommodation to suit every budget here. There are also Government run hotels in Bandipur which offer excellent value for money to the budget traveler. However, budget hotels and resorts will not have luxury facilities such as swimming pool and spa.

Since there are quite a few resorts in Bandipur, it is best to do a bit of research before deciding on where to stay. One should ideally confirm the booking by paying a deposit, especially during peak tourist season, so as to protect oneself against accidental cancellation. Planning one’s vacation to the last detail is a sure way to ensure that everything goes well and the vacation is memorable for the right reasons.

Wildlife Resorts In Bandipur – Enjoy Nature From Up Close

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