Zach Trent

Sophmore shooting guard at Bentley High School

A long road

Zach Trent has come a long way. He said that when he was in 5th grade he could not shoot a ball to save his life. But with his help from high school superstar with LONG range dad Jeremy Trent and his lock down high school defender uncle Brad Trent he has become one of the best varsity basketball players in the state of Michigan.

Hard Work

Zach is one of the hardest working kids. He goes to school until 2:30 and then he goes and does shooting drills or goes in the workout room and workout if he does not have practice.

Information about him

Zach is a 6 foot 2 inch shooting guard. He is currently playing in a AAU league in the summer and playing for Bentley High school in Burton, Michigan in school time. Zach transferred from Powers Catholic in early January. To go to Bentley.