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a shameless plug to continue this initiative :) October 2015

supporting social emotional learning, mental health and parent engagement

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please check out...

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requests for help in september

Hi Linda. We have a couple students in our school whose mom has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. We also have a family who lost their mother to cancer a year and a half ago. As some of the children are in the same class - there have been some "sad" moments and triggers. The teacher is looking for resources to help the children through these events - can you give us some direction or resources for this? many thanks Brenda Anderson Principal - Vanway Elementary AMS/Portal Support

Hi (again) Linda: When it rains, it pours. Linda, I have a h-u-g-e favour to ask you. No matter how hard I tried, in your Loss and Grief materials, I could not print out a copy of the wonderful booklet of counsellor ideas (58 pages) found under the banners:For Counsellors: Activities for Counsellors. I asked our senior secretary, Krystal Sekulic and she was also unable to do this easily. It might be doable snipping and copying each individual page but that would be extremely labour intensive. So, I am 'keeping my fingers crossed' that you will be able to help me out--as when I quickly skimmed the pages, there were some excellent ideas. Thanks in advance. PS: I have included Krystal in this email--as she is far more techie than I am 8:)NadineTAllen

Hi Linda: Do you remember me? :) I am the Resource / ELL / LA Tchr at Glenview Elementary. I have a little guy here who is extremely hyper vigilant about what everyone else is doing, but quite disconnected with how his actions affect others. He is in grade three but still extremely self centered, EVERYTHING is about him, he has absolutely not self regulation or coping skills. Emotionally he is at a three year olds level, to the point where I cannot even play a game with him and just one other student as he doesn't even recognise that the other person needs a turn! LOL :) So I am wondering if you could PLS recommend a program that I could use to work with this little guy one to one. Really appreciate your help, Thank you Linda. Rosemary :)

The question - - can I use/ include your SEL newsletters on our newsletter as well as include your pinterest link and . . . the fabulous POPFASD flyer?? thoughts? Do you want to meet? Jodee Sayle

Love these--will use for back library photocopy room display board!! Heather Marren-Reitsma, Senior English teacher and Teacher-Librarian Prince George Secondary School 250-562-6441 Ext. 616

Dear ***. Linda Campbell is our District Counselor. In order to help with accessing District services or outside agencies, she would like to connect with you so she can let you know how she can be of help. Linda has worked in our District for many years and is a wealth of knowledge. Linda's contact information is below. ~Linda Campbell Itinerant School Counselor Student Support Services Sel Resources K - 12 Educators and Parents SD57 Please call me if I can be of any further assistance. CarmenEberle

and in response to how to stop young students leaving the classroom without permission, counsellors contributed when I posed the question to them

staff have asked for more help with...

  • parent/teacher conflict
  • problem solving
  • what is bullying, what it isn't
  • wilful and defiant children - strategies for parents and teachers
  • empowering children to solve problems on their own
  • transitions - moving to a new school
  • information on the teenage brain
  • conflict amongst staff
  • infomation for the Dalai Lama Centre website
  • cyberbullying and social media
  • helping parents know that routine and consistency help their children be better learners
  • appropriate use of technology and children
  • city opportunities, grants, camps, groups, outside school. Tips on poverty , budgeting, and healthy snacks and meals
  • support for parents, eg. what is an IEP, what school support services are, how to address a concern, who and how to talk to
  • loss/grief/separation due to divorce, break ups, death
  • have a search function, so if I needed info on aniexty I could enter that.

there is more to do... perhaps something like below

the support in sd57

Feedback on flyers this past school year from sd57

    Thank you very much for forwarding this. I am going to share it with my kids tonight - my son is especially very concerned about Ebola. I appreciate it! Parent and Vice Principal

    I have been forwarding your great resources to my parents regularly. I would like to include this as well. Please send. Kindergarten teacher

    Just a quick note to say at our last DPAC meeting a representative commented on how great this piece was on "Talking with Children about Tragic Events." Very timely, with our thanks." DPAC chairperson

    I think it is a wonderful resource, which is why I added the link to the library web-page.
    Librarian, Elementary School

    Thanks again for another year of excellent, readable, and hands-on useful resources!
    Assistant Superintendent

      Any information is helpful! PAC chairperson, Secondary School

      Can you please send me a copy of the information you have put together on grandparents raising grandchildren. I am also wondering if you know if this documentary will be shown in Kelowna. I know someone who could greatly benefit from seeing this. Thanks so much for sharing. Elementary Literacy Resource Teacher

        I would love it if you could send some flyers to my school. We do have some grandparents who are raising their grandchildren, including some on staff. I feel it would be a good resource to have. Principal, Secondary School

        Once again, Linda, you have outdone yourself.

        Not only did the cartoon provide a giggle, the information is excellent.

        Just a few tidbits that caught my attention:

        *Solution focused questions

        *Rules for Apologizing

        *Depression self care resources for teens and us from

        *Free apps for mental health

        As always, thanks so much Linda! Elementary School Counsellor

        Thanks for sharing the info on anxiety and students and ways to support.
        This is definitely a valuable source of information given current experiences.

        School Trustee

        These links are fantastic! With permission I could send them out? Awesome job!

        Student Support Services

        Can I attach these links to my school website so that parents have access to them?Principal - Elementary School

        AMS/Portal Support

        Keep it coming as it is great stuff. You never know when somebody will need your info.Principal, Elementary School

        willing to support student concerns...please read my suggestion below...

        I didn't know who to make this request to. I read this morning's paper, and the local article was on student stress in high school. A recent study listed the five most frequently experienced source of stress in the lived of the participating youth were: school work (78%) parents (68%) romantic relationships (64%) friends' problems (64%) and younger siblings (64%), with boys reporting more frequent use of avoidance and distraction coping than girls, with girls more inclined to seek support.

        I would like to develop a resource (a flyer) for the members of the student advisory council on this topic, with strategies, online and local resources for teens to consider. There are excellent bc sites with great info for youth they be unaware of as well. If this proved valuable to them they could recommend it to their friends and peers. My experience as a high school counsellor will be helpful. To date, my flyers are accessed by parents and staff, and this could be the right opportunity to start reaching more students.

        To date, there is a sel flyer for parents of teens (click below for November) on stress and the pinterest site noted below with a variety of sites for parents and teens.

        Brian. I only provide relevant, credible and useful information to families and schools. I would very much like to continue to do this for sd#57. Linda

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        plus available and accessible to school concerns