Mrs. Lilavois' Class Updates

AP Environmental & Biology


Welcome to the Fall Semester of Classes! Below you will find updates on what we are doing in class, important dates and useful resources. If your child has not done so already, please have them sign up for the remind account. I will put helpful reminders, changes in Homework, and tips to be successful in my class.

Biology- @jcbio

APES- @apesst

If would like to donate to my classroom I am in need of: Kleenex, disinfectant wipes, paper towels, wipe board cloths and markers, and copy paper.


Joelle Lilavois


What does the Homework look like in APES?

  • Guided Questions (provided). Students should be taking HANDWRITTEN notes from the book.
  • Reading Quizzes- 2x week
  • FRQ's- Free Response Questions- YES they NEED to PREPARE for these.
  • Occasional video lectures at home
  • Watch videos that pertain to content in AP curriculum

Check out the website above and click on our class for an example unit. We are currently on Unit 2

Upcoming Events

  • Exam- Unit 2- Thursday 9/17- FRQ exam and Friday 9/18 MC exam
  • Biome Project due 9/14

How to be successful in APES

  • Study Daily
  • work on practice problems (
  • Study and research FRQ topics 60% of Exam score is writing
  • committed to study in the Spring
  • Go to Review sessions in the spring (A+ & Mrs. L's writing workshop)
  • Study, Study, and Study some more! This is a college level class!

Biology Info

Current Unit- 2: Ecology

~ 3 weeks

Unit Exam~ Mid September TBA

Weekly Chapter Super quizzes

Mid Unit Test- Standard Check

Project- Biomes- Due Sept. 10 (Test grade)

What does Homework look like in Biology Class?

  • Occasional videos- on website along with questions to answer (~ 5-10 only)
  • Reading Textbook or Text (website), case study (website) with guided notes
  • Power point- guided notes and print out for class or home

What does classwork look like?

- Videos- content; lecture- guided lecture, activities- wet lab or dry labs, webquest, projects, and Problem Based learning through Case studies

Who Stole Jerrell's iPhone? - Biology Lab

Check out the video below. Students in both Block 3 and 4 Biology investigated Macromolecules. They tested knowns Day 1 using a series of tests. On Day 2 students were asked by administration to test the evidence that was found at the scene of a crime at lunch. Someone stole Jerell's iphone (simulation) Check it out!
Macromolecule Lab-j.Lily

About Me

I am married with two young girls, 11 and 7. i have two dogs and love living in the country! My husband coaches for HSV in soccer and has been coaching for over 10 years in the college level. I was born/raised in California, but I am turning into a true southerner! Just have to go to a College Football game! Roll Tide?? War Eagle?? Go UCLA! :)

Please feel free to email me with any questions!

Again, Welcome to the new school year! I am excited to get to know your son /daughter and to get them excited about learning in Science