Han Dynasty

By: Yalena Garcia


The rulers helped China by building a silk road all the way to Rome, they made a new political system. The rulers lost their power because they ignored the needs of poor, the military no longer paid to protect the trade routes,and building project such as maintaining dams to prevent floods were abandoned. There dynasty declined because economic system began to decline and the respect and power of the han started to decline.

Religion/Culture/Social Life

The rich people did not send their kids to school they were home schooled. For the rest of the people they went to public school. It was only for boys and it was free. Most of the people were peasant farmers if you were poor it was better to live in the countryside. Parnens could report childeren who did not behave with fitial piety. Adult childern would be punished hasly. Younger children were usually exempt from punishment. They had linterden the gorgers glaze for pottery, painting, sculpture, and poetry painted colorful murals. Sculptors created work in stone clay and bronze.