Barbara Boxer

Senator for california

Barbara Boxer

She a leader of environmental protection and the first women to be the chair U.S senator committee. Also in the Democratic leadership. She tries to pass a bipartisan

transportation bill that will create 3 million jobs nationwide and expand highway of trust fund to protect the jobs. She wants to protect the environment from climate change so, here are some things she wants to do offshore drilling oil and protect kids from arsenic in the drinking water. She wants kids to have a good education. So she protects people from dangerous things.

Boxer Opininons on the pipeline

She thinks the pipeline would be no good for the climate and that it will rise the price for fuel, economy to fill cars and trucks. Boxer is a environmental Protection and wants to protect people from dangerous products that are not good for them and the environment .

keystone pipeline

She was against the pipeline because it was dangerous for the environment.