Bridging Home and School Literacy

with Dr. Victoria Purcell-Gates

Dr. Victoria Purcell-Gates

- Canada research chair in Early Childhood Literacy

(University of British Columbia)

- Interested in researching why children from lower income families learn at different rates than students from middle class families.

Literacy for Life

What is it?

- Research that involved immigrant preschool students and parents to find a way to build real life literacy into the curriculum

- Finds a way to close the gap by:

1. Identifying a Text

2. Providing a Purpose

How can we make it work?

- It is our responsibility to work as a team with the students and their families

- Know the past experiences of the students so there is an appropriate starting point.


- Newspaper

- Tickets

- Personal Notes

- Menus

- Email

- Maps

- Signs

What are the roles?


- Should be open to communication

- Provide teachers with examples of text that is read as a family


- Ask questions

- Strong communication

- Open to new ideas