The Real World Of Media Literacy

By: Devonna Smith

What is Media Literacy ?

Media is way that we all stay connected. To me media literacy is not only based on social media websites but it is how we understand the things that we do. In media they collect information and let us know what is going on. Even on a site like twitter or facebook information on a subject is put out and can be spread to millions of people.
Coca-Cola - Going All The Way - Official :60

Coca-Cola "Going All The Way"

Coca-Cola’s commercial, “Going all the way”, asserts that Coca-Cola makes us feel rewarded, the little boy in the commercial is not your typical football player and he happens to make a touchdown for his team but he doesn't stop running, he runs all the way to huge football stadium and is given a coke as gratification. Coca-Cola supports there product by demonstrating that the boy was dedicated and probably wasn't expecting to even get the ball but he did and he made a touchdown, therefore he was so ecstatic that he didn't stop running. The commercial made us feel like if we keep working our chance will come and we will have our time of gratitude. The purpose of the commercial is to show that when you work and stay positive you can do anything and to top it off a coke will make you feel like it was all worth it. Coca-Cola shows us in a formal and humorous way that there product is for anyone who wants to be treated for working hard or doing whatever it takes to make it happen.

News Satire - Brooklyn Nets

Devonna Smith

News Satire


Brooklyn Nets Insist They Only See Jason Collins As Terrible Player

Bill Shriver, Staff Reporter

Friday, March 7, 2014

New York - Jason Collins the newest addition to the Brooklyn Nets basketball team. A guy who has been playing since 2001, can only help the Brooklyn nets become a better and greater team. But not only does player Jason Collins bring great history in the NBA to the the team he also is an openly gay player which is just an extra plus for the team. Collins stands at 7-feet tall how could the Brooklyn nets not be ecstatic to have a guy like that by there sides.

A statement made by teammate Paul Pierce speaks wonders "We don’t look at him as the first openly gay player in the NBA—he’s just like any other guy on the team who comes in during garbage time and contributes nothing on either side of the ball," isn't that an amazing, optimistic way to talk about a current teammate.

I see a great future for this Brooklyn nets team in there 2014 season.

Janelle Monáe - Tightrope [feat. Big Boi] (Video)

1984 Theme Song

The theme song that I chose for 1984 is Tightrope - By Janelle Monae. In the story of 1984 a man named Winston is living in a dystopian society where the government has complete control over what the people of Oceania can do. The government decides who the people of Oceania can marry, what they can wear and they must all love big brother. The song Tightrope reminded me of 1984 because in the video there is a scene that shows this place called The Palace Of The Dogs which is an asylum where dancing is totally forbidden because it will lead to illegal magical practices. Similar to 1984, big brother made all of the rules and you could not even think for yourself because that means you would be committing thought crime. Janelle Monae sings these lyrics “They trying to take all your dreams but you can't allow it” which makes me think of how Winston began to hate big brother and make his own decisions. Another part of the video showed Janelle Monae escaping from her cell and going out with other people in the asylum and full out dancing and she didn’t care if she was going to get caught. 1984 and Tightrope both showed that even though they were being told what to do and controlled they still rebelled and made their own decision to break free.

Entry #6

My views on media literacy have changed because my first thoughts on media literacy was that it’s mainly about how we as people get information in different forms from social networks like twitter, Facebook and Instagram. But know that I have more knowledge on media literacy I feel like it is really more about how we understand things that we do and the way that we look at different situations. Taking this media literacy course I learned that it’s important that we look deeper at how the world works from the media, to our local news. Media literacy showed me that I need to look more into how I look at things that are going on in my current society. I’m taking a lot of knowledge away from this class it opened my eyes to the different ways that people express themselves and the underlying message of what people really want us to understand. In previous language arts classes I didn’t feel like it was as interactive as media literacy, other classes are more book based. In this class I got to speak my mind freely on different views and it was nice to be able to do that. And I also feel like media literacy really made me use my brain and think about how I feel. In the future I think this class should have more videos similar to Freakonomics. We didn’t have much time to spend on Freakonomics but it was one of the most interesting things that I have seen in this class. We learned about how totally different things can have a connection in some way. And I think that they also should add more stories on dystopian societies because 1984 was a good book but I would have like to have read some other stories about how dystopian societies work. Lastly, I really did not like doing the Précis they were okay but they really didn’t change the way that I would sum up a story it was kind of difficult. Other than that I really enjoyed media literacy.