2016 Open Enrollment Update

Open Enrollment, Colonial Update and More

Open Enrollment Grace Period

Through January 31st, employees can elect or make a one-time correction to their 2016 Benefit enrollments. 2016 Open Enrollment Correction forms can be found using the following paths for Managed and Owned facilities, respectively:

  • X Drive > HR & Benefits > Benefits, LOA & ADA > 2016 BENEFITS > OPEN ENROLLMENT_MNG > MNG Correction Grace Period Enrollment Form

  • X Drive > HR & Benefits > Benefits, LOA & ADA > 2016 BENEFITS > OPEN ENROLLMENT_PCI > PCI Correction Grace Period Enrollment Forms

Post Open Enrollment Poster

Please keep your Post-Open Enrollment Posters up through January 31st. Any employee who requests to make changes to their 2016 elections at this point should be made aware that they will be responsible for missed premiums.

Additional posters may be requested by contact the Benefits Team.

Colonial Update

You may begin receiving inquiries from employees who are Colonial Policyholders about the status of their accounts. Colonial left the Prestige Plus Benefits Suite as of Dec 31, 2015. All premiums deducted from employee paychecks for the month of December have been sent to Colonial and are currently being reconciled to member accounts.

Employees should no longer expect to receive deductions for Colonial premiums effective Jan 1, 2016, and will be responsible for handling their policies independently with Colonial moving forward. As Colonial finishes applying the final December payments, they will be reaching out to all active members regarding next steps to continuing their policy. Should an employee have questions about their policies before then, please direct them to contact Colonial Insurance Customer Service at 800.579.6707. As the transition takes place, policy numbers will not change for members.

Open Enrollment Survey

We continually seek feedback on how we can better provide education, services and customer service to assist you. Your feedback helps us plan for the future and ensure we are on the right track. Last year we implemented a program for Benefit Ambassadors at each location. We would like for each Benefit Ambassador to complete the brief survey below which may take up to 10 minutes.

As a token of our thanks, those who complete the online survey will be provided the opportunity to enter a drawing for a $50 gift card.

The survey will close on Jan 15, 2016.