Rare AVES creatures

Asian Crested IBis

Asian Crested IBis

A very rare bird in china

1 ) they were thought to be extinct

2) they make their nest at the top of trees on hills

Classified as bird because it has talons and feathers and a beak and is a carnivore or a herbivore

Red Crowned Crane

bird found in japan

1) his is to have lived for 1000 years

2) is the symbol bird used in Chinese mythology

This is classified as a bird because the bird has feathers , beak , and talons and it is a carnivore

are all birds carnivores ? can all birds fly ?

not all birds are carnivores there are some birds who are herbivores , hummingbirds sip the nectar out of flowers and only and only penguins and emus and ostriches cannot fly
Crested Ibis