Manifest Destiny and Immigration

by: Deonte and Clarissa

Indian Removal Act

The indian Removal Act was when indians had to leave their homes. Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal act to grant unsettled lands west of the Mississippi River in exchange for indian land. This was in the 1830's. The indians had to leave because they had no choice.

Homestead Act

The Homestead Act was to encourage more people to settle in the west. It took place during the 1860's. It took place in the anywhere and people were moving to the west. People wanted to start over so thats why they left their old lives.

Farming the Plains

There were many problems faced by farmers on the great plains during the 1800s. It was not very easy for farmers to farm because of the use of technology and rain was not very consistent. Another problem was they had very little wood and was hard to get any from the East. So the people had to live in sod houses.

Industrial Revoultion Effect

The Industrial Revoultion was the turning point in history. 1820's and 1840's. It was often done in peoples home or in factories.
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The Lure of life in America

Millions of people were shipped to other countries as slaves or as prisoners from Africa to Western Hemisphere. After Communists gained control of Eastern Europe in the late 1940s, many people in that region were pulled toward the democracies in Western Europe and North America.