Spotlight on 2nd Grade!

Mrs. Dawdy's Class

Week of May 2 - May 6

Hello Parents!

Please read the sections below to see what's going on in the life of our class!

Working with Words

The students will be focusing on “aw” (such as law), “east” (such as east) and “ool” (such as stool) sounds this week. There will be a spelling test on Friday. These words will be on the test: doesn’t, they’ll, we’ve, won’t, you’ll.


The students will be celebrating holidays this week! First we will learn about Cinco de Mayo. While reading these stories we will ask and answer WH questions. Then we will celebrate Mother’s Day by creating gifts! There are no tests this week. J


The stars will continue working with partitioning shapes this week. They will partition shapes into halves, thirds, and fourths and describe a whole. They will then work on telling time (to the nearest 5 minutes and am/pm).


The students will continue Narrative writing this week. We will work more on the Writing Process as well as what they must include in their final narratives! Hint: beginning, middle, and end with LOTS AND LOTS OF…(ask them).


· Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week! Here are the events: Monday bring in school supplies. We really need pencils, Kleenex, and Clorox wipes!!! Tuesday is make a thank you gift/card. Wednesday is bring them a healthy snack. I like cheese and crackers! Thursday is wear a hat day. Friday the students guess my favorite things.

· Thursday, May 5 the whole school will be going to the Opera House to watch the Lion King. This is a free field trip and no parents or money is needed. Thank you!

· Friday is STUCO Spirit Day! Please support STUCO by sending your student in Neon clothing! All of 2nd grade will be wearing NEON!