Masco Memo #43

June 22, 2022, End-of-Year Edition

School Mission Statement

The Masconomet High School community believes that learning enables us all to achieve ambitious personal goals, develop fine minds, and build strong character. Therefore, we foster the acquisition of attitudes, skills, and knowledge necessary for life-long learners to think critically in order to participate in a global society.

Headlines and Highlights (TL;DR bullets)

  • Mark Your Calendar
  • End-of-year thoughts
  • Conflict Exam Period
  • Powerschool Portal opening
  • TriTown Council

Mark Your Calendar

  • June 23, TODAY, Final exams end
  • June 23, TODAY, Last day of school, 10:30 AM dismissal
  • June 27, Powerschool Portal Re-Opens @Noon
  • June 27, Summer Exam periods 9 AM and 11 AM
  • June 28, Summer Exam periods 9 AM and 11 AM

    --------------------- Happy Summer! --------------------------------

End of Year thoughts

It’s hard to believe that I sit here and write my final thoughts on the 2021-2022 school year. Although the summer will provide a slower pace allowing me to reflect more fully on this past year, I wanted to share a few observations and thoughts.

Masconomet students are active and vital members of the school community. Whether it is a commitment to academics, athletics, or extra-curricular activities they are all in. They are unafraid to ask challenging questions, plan and execute events, and represent Masconomet High School well in spaces in and out of this building. They are curious, creative, and well spoken, and try to do their best whenever possible. When they are faced with failure or make a mistake, they are willing to grow and do better. They make us proud every day.

Our administrators, teachers, and support staff work tirelessly for the benefit of our students. Whether it is planning the perfect lesson, writing a recommendation letter, supporting a student through a difficult time, celebrating a personal best in a race, sending in the artwork for award consideration, prepping a field, cleaning a classroom, and all the other things that happen to ensure students have the best experience possible, they too are all in. Although the year was challenging, a theme of the last few unfortunately, the adults in this building tried to make a difference in the lives of our students and I am thankful for the work they did this year.

For me, it was an interesting year, as I acclimated to a different school calendar with its own rhythm, new colleagues, and three new communities. The year was filled with lots of listening, observing, learning, and celebrating. All journeys have challenges and I felt those as well but appreciated the community members who supported me and extended goodwill throughout the year. I will continue to use my memo as the primary means for communicating this summer with the next installment likely finding its way to you in late-July.

I wish you all a safe and relaxing summer!

Conflict Exam Summer Exam Period

Conflict Exams: I strongly encourage students to complete any missing exam as soon as possible. I am aware that arrangements have been made for some students. Thank you! However, if your student has already completed the final-exam conflict form and has not arranged a make-up time in advance, please fill out this form if your student is available to make up the exams at the dates and times listed below. Again, if you have already made arrangements with a teacher or department chair, you need NOT complete the form.

    1. Monday, June 27 at 9 AM

    2. Monday, June 27 at 11:00 AM

    3. Tuesday, June 28 at 9 AM

    4. Tuesday, June 28 at 11:00 AM

Any student not available to take the missing exam(s) on Monday, June 27th or Tuesday, June 28th will need to arrange a time after July, 5th.

Grade Portal re-opens Monday, June 27

The grade portal will re-open on Monday, June 27th at Noon.

TriTown Council News

TTC is offering a range of opportunities for youth to volunteer and earn community service hours this summer.

TTC news and updates HERE and in link below: