Jonathan Gualberto

Diligent Professional

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Jonathan Gualberto’s Special Skills

Although Jonathan Gualberto was born in Fort Lauderdale, at the age of two he and his family moved to Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He lived in Brazil for 12 years, and in 2002, he and his family moved back to Florida, this time settling down just north of Fort Lauderdale in Boca Raton. Being raised by two Brazilian parents, he grew up speaking both Portuguese and Spanish, in addition to English. Today, he is still fluent in all three languages, with which he regularly converses with his friends and family.

Jonathan Gualberto is currently studying business at Nova Southeastern University, where he is working to finish his Master of Business Administration in December of 2015. He currently holds a B.B.A. in Finance from Florida Atlantic University, and he plans to use his trilingual background in his future career as a financial analyst. Spaniards originally settled Florida in the sixteenth century, and thus the Sunshine State has a rich Spanish influence, Jonathan Gualberto sees his trilingual background a major asset.

He has already had the opportunity to use his language skills in a professional setting while working as both a financial representative with Northwestern Mutual and a bank teller at J.P. Morgan Chase. He has also worked with various charities in the greater Fort Lauderdale area, where he has benefitted from his trilingual upbringing. These charities include the Tri-County Animal Rescue, an no-kill shelter dedicated to saving the lives of unwanted pets, and Boca Helping Hands, an organization that provides meals to those who cannot afford them.

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Jonathan Gualberto: A Short History

Jonathan Gualberto was born in the community of Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1988, though his family moved to Brazil, or more accurately Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, at the young age of two-years-old. He spent much of his childhood in Brazil, though his family returned to the United States when Gualberto was somewhere between the age of 14 and 15. He continues to reside in South Florida to this day.

Jonathan Gualberto was a dedicated student at Boca Raton Community High School before enrolling at Florida Atlantic University. Through hard work and determination, Gualberto earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance from FAU in 2011. He was also a member of the FAU Financial Management Association during his student tenure.

Following his graduation from FAU, Jonathan Gualberto has performed community service for two local organizations. The experience obtained as a volunteer for the Tri-County Animal Rescue and Boca Helping Hands, says Gualberto, was an extremely rewarding one, and was far beyond any expectations he had going in.

Gualberto worked various odd jobs, such as valet parking and restaurant work, to put himself through college, demonstrating both his work ethic and his resolve to reach for and achieve his objectives. He is currently looking to complete the coursework needed to earn his Master of Business Administration degree from Nova Southeastern University. His hope is to one day not only obtain a good position with an established and reputable firm, but to also add considerable value to the industry and to society.

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Jonathan Gualberto: Educated, Experienced, Skilled

Graduate student Jonathan Gualberto is now in the process of completing MBA required coursework, and anticipates the completion and obtainment of his Master’s degree very soon. A hard-working student with a BBA in Finance from Florida Atlantic University, Gualberto is soon approaching what he hopes will be a successful and lasting career in the field of Finance. The completion of his business education should prove to be an important step in the beginnings of a successful professional career.

Now working as a Tax Analyst, Jonathan Gualberto is grateful to have had the opportunity to gain real world experience in several aspects of the financial industry, both as a teller for JP Morgan Chase and as a Financial Representative for Northwestern Mutual. The chance to interact with customers and clients on a one-on-one basis provided Gualberto the opportunity to hone his skills as a communicator while working hands-on with numerous aspects of investment, financial advising and financial security.

Jonathan Gualberto has also obtained important computer skills that are instrumental to success in a variety of fields. He is proficient in Microsoft Office applications, and has considerable experience working with both Windows and Macintosh-based formats. He has also worked with such systems as SumProduct, Vlookup, Pivot Tables, If, Stdev, GetPivotData, SumIf and more, and has been able to put these skills to good use at various points in his work history.

Gualberto can also provide potential employers that added benefit of extensive language skill. A trilingual professional, Gualberto is fluent in written and spoken English, Portuguese and Spanish.

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Jonathan Gualberto - Educated and Qualified

Jonathan Gualberto is currently putting the financial touches on a successful academic career, one that began over eight years ago at Boca Raton Community High School. A graduate of Florida Atlantic University, and current student at Nova Southeastern University, Gualberto has performed at a high level throughout his student career, applying a strong work ethic and maintaining his determination to achieve his academic goals at each particular level.

As a graduate student at Nova Southeastern University, Jonathan Gualberto looks forward to soon completing the coursework required to obtain his Master of Business Administration degree in Finance; an accomplishment that promises to provide him the competitive edge he needs to acquire a solid position in the professional community. A student of business for many years, Gualberto will soon be one step closer to making a permanent name for himself in what is a highly competitive and demanding field: Finance.

In addition to the quality education he’s received at both institutions, Jonathan Gualberto has also obtained important and indispensable real world experience. His work as a financial representative, as a bank teller and most recently as a tax analyst, have provided him multiple opportunities to develop and hone the skills necessary to someday achieve success in the financial industry. His work for such notable companies as JP Morgan Chase and Northwestern Mutual has afforded him the opportunity to improve and fine-tune his customer service, communication and administrative skills, all necessary to serve clients effectively and efficiently in the future. He is formerly a Tax Analyst contractor for Tyco.

Jonathan Gualberto

Jonathan Gualberto is a dedicated student at Nova Southeastern University, where he is now in pursuit of his Master of Business Administration degree in Finance. Already In possession of a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance from FAU, Jonathan Gualberto is hopeful to one day secure a position with an established organization, and to build a strong and long-lasting career as a financial professional.

Jonathan Gualberto - Avid Reader

Currently a student at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Jonathan Gualberto is in pursuit of his Master of Business Administration degree. He expects to graduate in 2015, and has maintained a B+ grade point average throughout his graduate education. He also holds a Bachelor of Business Arts in Finance from Florida Atlantic University, which he earned in 2011. Earning these degrees has required a great deal from Gualberto, including a significant amount of reading.

When he isn’t reading his required materials for school, Gualberto prefers to stay plugged-in to the business world, learning invaluable business strategies from successful figures in the business world. One of his favorite books is the Big Secret for the Small Investor by Joel Greenblatt, who educates his audience on “where ‘value’ comes from, how markets work, and what really happens on Wall Street.” Another of Gualberto’s favorite reads has been New York Times Bestseller The Millionaire Mind by Thomas J. Stanley. In the book, Stanley teaches entrepreneurial readers how to embark on a path of success within the business world.

Aside from books about business and finance, Gualberto has recently Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Since school can often pose various stressors on students, these books are a nice change of pace for Gualberto, allowing him to give his mind a break from studying. Gualberto enjoys reading material that keeps his mind engaged, and uses the financial information he has learned in his free time to bolster his educational studies.

Jonathan Gualberto Enjoys Keeping Busy

While in pursuit of a career in the finance industry, Jonathan Gualberto prefers to stay active and engaged with the world around him. The Florida native studied at Boca Raton Community High School before enrolling in the College of Business at Florida Atlantic University. There, he earned a Bachelor of Business Arts in Finance in 2011. While at FAU, Gualberto was also a member of the Financial Management Association, where he learned invaluable information about the financial industry that expanded on his current education. He is currently a student at Nova Southeastern University, and he is working to obtain a Master of Business Administration. He expects to graduate in December of 2015.

Jonathan Gualberto learned a great deal about hard work since graduating high school. Since he was 16-years-old, he has worked various jobs to finance his higher education. These positions have included positions in restaurants or as a valet, and after earning his B.B.A., he began working as a financial representative at Northwestern Mutual. In his first position within the finance industry, Gualberto learned how to recognize the needs of his clients and work with them to develop proper asset management strategies. Other recent positions Gualberto has held include working as a tax analyst with Tyco, learning how to draft and submit income, sales, and property taxes, and his current position with Fiddler Roof Cleaning, where he has learned various marketing strategies associated with the business world.

When he isn’t in school, Gualberto likes to serve his community. Having volunteered with the Tri-County Animal Rescue and Boca Helping Hands, he finds the experiences to be particularly rewarding. He has helped save the lives of unwanted pets and distributed food and supplies to those in need. Additionally, the experiences have allowed him to become more involved in his local Boca Raton community, which he plans to serve further after graduation from NSU.

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