Digital Reputation

Why you should be safe online and be legal, the ligit way

"Mum, can I download this movie for free, please?"
"Sure, darling, but you will have to do it quickly."
Downloading movies or songs for free is illegal, and you can be fined for downloading free things (movies, songs, etc...)
In the following I will tell you how you can avoid, yourself from downloading pirated copies of media.

Trying not to Copy Music

If you ever see a free version of a song, DO NOT download it. If you buy a free copy of a song or album, it is most likely that it has been illegally copied off somewhere. Being caught with a pirated copy of song, could lead to a massive fine.

Buying a copy of a song/album is much better than getting a free copy. 1) It is most likely not pirated, 2) You won't get fined for having a paid copy of a son/album, the reason: 3) Is that it is paying the artist of the song.

Do not Download Movies from unknown websites

"Why not download a movie off the internet, it will be fine. No-one will catch us."
"Are you sure its alright to do this?"
So many movies have been posted on corrupt websites, with people putting links to a movie on YouTube, even if they know that it is illegal. Don't be one of those people. Be the responsible person, and buy movies, not downloading them off the web.

Here is a little video about downloading things for free (namely ,movies).
Downloading pirated movies is stealing
So try and stay safe, not always on the run from the police. Be safe, the ligit way.