Social Consequences of Tobacco Use

by john brown IV

The social consequences

today i will be talking about thee social consequences of tobacco use. how it can hurt you family. What it can do to you teeth, breath and clothes. and how can hurt you social live with your friends.

fact #1

when teens start to smoke they think its cool. Really its not, it makes you less cool. Once your hooked its really hard to quit. The cigarette company may put someone famous or something there know for doing out on television to make it say 'hey smoke these cigarettes because I am and if you do to you'll be cool too just like me. "That just tricks you into smoking so you can go out and buy these things just to be cool. "In the 70's and 80's, smoking was seen as the cool and "in" thing to do. This was in no small part because of the tobacco industry's marketing campaigns portraying smoking as the activity of choice for rugged cowboys, rebels, sophisticated young women, star athletes, movie stars, and other role models for teenagers and impressionable youth."
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fact #2

the second thing it does is that it yellows your teeth. we spend money twice a year to keep are teeth as white as we can but buy smoking your making harder on your self. smoking can leave stains on your teeth from the tar from the cigarettes. smoking can also give you gum disease by affecting the attachment of the bone and soft tissue of your teeth.
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fact #3

smoking can lower your chance of tasting and smelling. when your smoking your taste receptors from your taste buds will start to die out. if you get older you might not be able to taste anything or little at all. the taste buds send signals to the brain but by smoking your killing these nerves to the brain. smelling senses could take years to get back. but if you stop smoking you could get your smelling back in a few weeks.
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fact #4

when you smoke the cigarettes it could stain you fingernails. It could also turn some of your skin yellow. by this it could make you look unhealthy and unattractive. The byproducts found in tobacco deprive the skin of oxygen and nutrients. This could leave you with uneven and pale skin tone.

fact #5

smoking could leave you with one nasty cough. The cough doesn't only sound unpleasant it also hurts to. Then this cough happens to be painful too and its also causes chest pain as well. This also means that your lungs are dying out as well.
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