Oprah Winfrey

"Turn your wounds into wisdom"

Who is Oprah Winfrey?

What else could a person accomplish in a lifetime when she had won 23 awards for her career, won a lifetime achievement award and have her own tv show, website and magazine? Oprah Winfrey was also the First African American Women to be a talk show host.

Early Life

Oprah Winfrey had a very rough childhood. She was born in Mississippi on January 29th, 1954. Her parents were unmarried and left her to live with her grandmother on a farm. At six years old, she was sent to live with her mother in Milwaukee. Then, at 12, she was sent to live with her dad in Tennessee. Oprah attended Tennessee State University where she earned a degree in Speech and Performing Arts. Overall, she overcame a lot and I admire her for it.


As an adult, her life got exciting. she graduated from WJ2-TV and was scheduled to Good Morning America. She took over A.M Chicago and it was renamed “The Oprah Winfrey Show”. She received 23 awards, such as A Golden Globe award, Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, Grammy, and A People's Choice Award. Oprah was dedicated to helping children who are disadvantaged, even opening a school for girls in South Africa. A Husband? No, she's too busy changing the world.

Major Accomplishments

Oprah is definitely a major accomplisher. She is Film Actress, Producer, Philanthropist and Television Producer. I think that her biggest one though is that she was the first African-American Women to be a talk show host! She has changed the world by inspiring so many middle-class women to follow their dreams. An example of that is she was on Times Magazine list of Infusional People through 2004 to 2007. It’s a fact that almost every book she named on her tv show became a bestseller within a few weeks! That’s a big thing! Another great accomplishment of Oprah was that she won a lifetime achievement award. She has herIn the end, It would be hard to list all of Oprah’s accomplishments since it would take years and years to write.

What's Oprah doing today?

Oprah is still working hard and accomplishing more than ever. If it weren't for Oprah, television would be loads different. Remember as Oprah said, “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”- Oprah Winfrey.


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