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November 13, 2015

American Education Week

November 16-20 is American Education Week and it is our chance to celebrate the amazing educational opportunities we have in our country, our state, and of course, in our own school district. Help us celebrate by giving a big thank you to the following focus groups each day. We could not have our success without these people!

Monday- Support Staff Day - Thank an INQ or special needs aide!

Tuesday- Services Team Day - Thank a cook, custodian, or bus driver!

Wednesday- Teacher Day - Thank every teacher you have!

Thursday- Office Team Day - Thank the people that work in the office!

Friday- Parent/Guardian Day - Thank your 'home team' for being your first and most important teachers!

Copyright and Music: SMS iPad Rules

We've all got music that we enjoy. Some like country, others rock. Some hip hop, others indie. The list of music styles goes on and on. How does your music life relate to school and more importantly to your iPad? What are your responsibilities as a digital citizen? Here is some information that YOU need to know about digital music files.

1) US Copyright Laws protect recorded music regardless of the format (album, CD, or digital file). A copyrighted piece of music is not to be used without permission from the owner.

2) If you have a personal device and you pay for a song, it is yours to listen to- your payment to the owner allows you to listen to the song. Your payment for music, however, does not make it legal to share the song with others.

3) Should you have music on your iPad or in your school accounts? Since our school iPads do not have the iTunes store and you cannot 'buy songs' from sites on your school iPad, you should not have downloads ON your iPad. There should not be any illegally downloaded or shared music files in any of your school accounts (Drop Box, Google Drive, etc.) Also, if you record the music from a secondary source (like a streaming service such as Spotify or another music source), you have also violated copyright law.

Why is music copyrighted? The music industry is made up of individuals who make a living (totally or partially) from writing lyrics or music, singing, playing instruments, recording, mixing, marketing, promoting, etc. Just like people in any other industry, people in music should get paid for their work. Our own Mr. Carter earns some income in the music industry. He writes and records songs for weddings. If people use his songs, they pay him some money. If one person bought the song and shared it with a bunch of people who used it at their weddings, Mr. Carter would be cheated out of his rightful income. It is important to remember that when you cheat with music files, you are actually impacting real people with families and financial obligations.

What happens if you get caught violating copyright laws?

1) There are companies that have systems in place to track downloads and file sharing. Individuals that illegally share files do get caught and get fined (between $750 and $5,000 per song). The statute allows for jail time but the typical outcome is a fine. If you violate copyright laws and illegally download music, you could be caught and you would be held liable.

2) Starting today, if you get caught with illegal music files on your iPad or in your school storage accounts, you will be required to remove them and you will get a technology violation.

Please look at your iPad storage, your Google Drive, Drop Box, etc. and remove any music files that you did not purchase. See Miss Nass if you have any questions. For those of you that are troubled by this information, remember that your school iPad is for educational use. It is not designed to be your music source!

Mid Terms Tuesday

Tuesday, November 17th is Mid-Term Day for second quarter. We'll be sending mid-term progress reports to parents/guardians on Wednesday. Make sure your school work is in order! A mid-term is not a real grade but it is an 'indicator' of how you are doing. We hope you have some good indicators next week!

How do you get a good 'indicator?'

Get your work done... on time... with effort. This process never fails!

Students that do this never fail!

Picture Retake Day

Tuesday, November 17th is Picture Retake Day. Who needs a picture retake?

  • If you moved to SMS recently and have not had a picture taken, you need one.
  • If you were absent on our first picture day, you need one.
  • If you are not happy with your purchased picture package, you can sit for a retake if you bring your original picture package (uncut) to school that morning.

New (move in) students should pick up a picture order form in the office before leaving school on Friday. You will not be required to purchase pictures but we do need everyone to sit for a picture to be included in our SMS Yearbook this spring!

Are You Ready to Dance??

The SMS Student Council invites you to attend our fall dance on Friday, November 20th! The dance starts at 6:30 PM and ends at 9:00 PM and is for SMS students only. The theme is Candyland! A DJ will provide music in the west gym. Refreshments and merriment will be in the cafeteria. Staff and parents will chaperone. Student admission is $3. Students that turned in their drug-free pledge forms this week (by Nov. 13th) will get admitted free!

For those attending a dance for the first time, here is a review of some key rules:

  • Attendees must be in class on day on Friday. If you go home sick or if you get removed from class for discipline purposes, you will not be admitted.
  • Attendees must not have any missing EPIC work. If you are on the EPIC list due to incomplete work, you will report to room 200 at 6:30 and complete your missing work prior to joining peers at the dance.
  • Eighth grade entry will be through the west PE door. Sixth/Seventh grade entry will be through the bus doors.
  • Once admitted, you cannot leave the dance prior to 9 PM unless your parent comes in and signs for you.
  • The dance dress code is the same as the school dress code. This is not a costume dance. This is not a dress up dance. No hats. Be comfortable!
  • Light refreshments, pictures ($1), face painting, and lumitons (glow sticks) will be available for a small cost. These items are optional.
  • You will not have access to your locker that night. You can put coats in the Great Room. Don't bring valuables! If you bring a cell phone, it must stay in the off position unless you have permission from an administrator to place a call.
  • To speed the pick up process, we'll dismiss from both sides of the building at 9 PM. Cars picking up 8th graders should be on the OFFICE side of the school. Cars without 8th graders should be on the BUS side of the school (tell your parents!!!)

Guidance News

We've got a busy week in guidance next week!

Monday: Safe Dates 7th Dream Team INQ, Life Skills 6th Tribe INQ

Tuesday: Safe Dates 7th Cool Rays INQ, Life Skills 6th Pride INQ

Wednesday: 8th graders tour SHS (bell schedule adjusted)

Thursday: Life Skills post-test Cool Rays INQ, MAD! 8th INQ/PE

Friday: Life Skills post-test Dream Team INQ, MAD! 8th INQ/PE

Tryouts Next Week

Four new sports teams start with tryouts/practice next week. Here is the info:

6th Cheer Tryouts - Attend both days.

Tue. and Wed. Nov. 17 -18 5:30-7:00 PM SMS Band Room

6th Boys Basketball Tryouts - Attend all days.

Tue. Nov. 17 5-6:30 EGym, Wed. Nov. 18 6:30-8:00 WGym, Thu. Nov. 19 5-6:30 EGym

6th Girls Basketball Tryouts- Attend all days.

Tue. Nov. 17 6:30-8 WGym, Wed. Nov. 18 6:30-8:00 EGym, Thu. Nov. 19 6:30-8 EGym

6-7-8 Wrestling- First Practice is Tue. Nov. 17 6:00-7:30 PM @ SHS Wrestling Complex. Practice will be held at this time and location all week. Wrestling parents are asked to meet with the coach after practice on Thursday, Nov. 19 at 7:30 PM.

Winter Guard also starts next week! Winter Guard is a great opportunity to perform with your peers and have fun! If you are interested in finding out more, attend the informational meeting after school on Tuesday, Nov. 17th in the band room. Have your ride ready to pick you up at 4:30 P.M.

Calendar Clues

Mon. 16 B: Show Choir 3-4, 7 BB @ Austin, 8 BB v. Austin

Tue. 17 A: Mid Term Day, Picture Retake Day, Archery 3:15-4:30, Winter Guard meeting 3-4:30, 7 GB @ Hazelwood, 6 Cheer, 6 GB, 6 BB, and Wrestling start (see article)

Wed. 18 B: Cross 7:45, Show Choir 3-4, Yearbook 3-4

Thu. 19 A: Student Council 7:15am, Archery 3:15-4:30, 7/8 BB v. East Washington, 7/8 GB @ Charlestown

Fri. 20 B: School Dance 6:30-9:00 PM

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