Culinary Technology

Class of 2023

Getting to know you.

Welcome to the Culinary Technology!


You must be here because you are thinking about coming to the Warren County Career Campus next year. There are so many choices here at WCCC. I invite you to look at all of our programs, including Culinary Technology, so you can make an informed decision about your future. Exploration is the first step to the application process. After you explore all our programs at our website, pick your top two favorites.

Here are all the 2021 programs:

Next, fill out the Google Doc below.

This is a pre-application survey of your personal programs of interest.

Plus, you will be added to our sophomore community email list.

Announcements about the next steps after Exploration will be sent right to your Inbox!

We will share videos, virtual meeting opportunities, application information, acceptance and/or program requirements and much more.

Google Doc: Your personal program interests.

After Exploration is Step Two: Application.

All students must apply and be accepted to attend the WCCC programs. Ideally, you should apply before February 12, 2021 for the best shot into your first choice program (if it’s past that date, it’s okay, there is still a good chance we can get you in). Once we have your application, we will get your transcript from 9th grade until now.

We will use a rubric to score your transcript based on three things: credits earned, unexcused absences, and your GPA. There is no minimum GPA; you will be scored against other program applicants. Students with the highest scores get placed first. See your guidance counselor to assist your with these next steps.

Who is eligible to attend the Career Center?

WCCC offers three tiers of application for admission. Any student attending one of the participating high schools for two years who will be at least 16 years of age by October of his/her third year in high school, has earned at least eight high school credits and is on track to graduate is automatically eligible. Students with 2-5 credits with three being in core credits must submit a written plan for success. Students with two credits must submit a written plan for success and have a vocational evaluation.

It is highly recommended that students applying to the Career Center have earned the following credits by the end of the sophomore year:

  • 2 credits - English
  • 2 credits - Math
  • 2 credits - Science
  • 1 credit - Social Studies
  • ½ credit - Physical Education
  • ½ credit - Health

    Students not meeting the above credit requirements may need to enroll in summer school or correspondence courses to be eligible for graduation. See your counselor for assistance with student credit analysis and specific school requirements.