Electronic Engineering

By Max Paoli

Education needed to be an electronic engineer

Being an electronic engineer requires lots of knowledge with electronics such as small devices like portable music players to larger ones like computers and kitchen appliances, that's why it takes at least a bachelors degree in electronic engineering to get a license to work independently.

What does an electronics engineers do from day to day?

It depends on what field you want to go into for some electronic engineers they put together computers all day and for others they test out new and old electronics alike. They are responsible for overseeing and coming up with all sorts of things from computers to electrical devices that help produce more power to cellphones that we use now day to day.

Starting salary for an electronics engineer

the starting salary is about starts at about $59,140 for the annual wage and $28.43 at the hourly wage.

Why i want to be an Electronic engineer

I want to be an Electronic engineer because i think it would be cool and fun to be a part of and make things that a lot of us use today and I think that would be awesome.