Your Credit Rating

Why Its Important to Be in Good Standing

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Why is it important to have a good credit rating?

Good credit means you'll

  • Make banks more likely to issue you loans
  • Have to pay less interest than someone with bad credit
  • Hold up under the scrutiny of an employer running a background check

With poor credit you will have none of these perks, you will be seen as a risky choice by banks, insurance agencies, and employers.

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Five Ways to Keep a Good Credit History

  • Pay your bills online without missing deadlines
  • Try to avoid maxing out credit cards, even if you can afford to pay them off
  • Apply for a credit card or department store card early to build credit early on
  • Only apply for credit you need, it will negatively impact your score if you have 10 credit cards
  • Check your credit history frequently to avoid any mistakes which could impact your score
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What To Do if There is a Mistake in Your Credit Report

First you must
  • Notify your credit provider in writing that you have noticed a discrepancy
  • Include documents of said mistake in a written letter
If the provider notices a mistake, they will contact the provider of the information. The provider will then run a check, and send notices to you if they find an inconsistency.

Then it is your job to

  • Notify the credit provider you would like said information removed from your report
  • Request updated reports to be sent to anyone who reviewed your credit in the past six months

The information providing company will report their findings to all three credit reporters. The disputed information should then be removed if the information provider finds it inconsistent.