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An opportunity to share some key thoughts for HT2

PLTS Feedback

As you know, we did a review of the KS3 CPA Progress Books before half term. It was a really useful exercise. There is evidence of these being used really well. Of course, as with anything new, there are areas where these could be being used more effectively. To see a presentation of the general themes emerging from the feedback, please go to Staffshare-CPA-PLTS Feedback November 2013.


Undoubtedly, one of the key areas of focus emerging from QAR's and local inspections is assessment, marking and feedback. I think this is something, in a lot of areas, we do really well. However, in all lessons we need to ensure we are using Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Time. This could be 5 minutes, it could be an entire lesson, that is your call. What good feedback and reflection should always do is encourage thinking! I have found a good blog on the use of DIRT that you can find here:

T&L Group

On a Thursday morning, fortnightly from 7th November, Lee Chapman is running a Teaching and Learning discussion group. He will be sharing his ideas from the OTP (Outstanding Teachers Programme) course that he is attending. It is also an opportunity to discuss ideas you have been trying, get support with forthcoming observations or areas of your practice you would like to develop. It is completely informal and off the record!!! Meetings are being held in S27 from 08:15.

Formal Observations

By the end of this half term, we should all have had our first formal observation from our line manager done. If you haven't yet set a date for this then please do so by the end of this week. When preparing for this observation, the expectation is that we produce a formal lesson plan on the 3 part plan pro-forma. If being observed with an examination group, feedback on the lesson should also include reference to current levels of performance of students, particularly students from key groups (FSM, SEN). Any questions about this process, please see JAV or your line manager directly.

Blog spot!

Some nice blogs I have seen recently that you might want to peruse.......

1. Learning from the Arts.

2. Personal Reflections from our very own Mrs Enstone!

Agenda items

I am going to be working on the following things this half term:

1. Preparation for CPA Parents Evening.

2. Monitoring of the embedding of PLTS.

Key Dates

25th - 27th November 2013: Challenge Partners Collegiate Review

w/b 16th December: Term 1 CPA Progress Review - see schedule in CPA handbook for details.

19th December 2013: Christmas Concert - hope to see lots of CPA staff there!

w/b 6th January 2014: Year 11 Mock Exam Week

8th January 2014: CPA Parents Evening