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January 2021

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a flexible process for getting the most out of the creative process. It is used in the arts, in engineering, in the corporate world, at universities, and in social and civic spaces. You can use it in every subject with every age group. It works when creating digital content or when building things with duct tape and cardboard. It can even be used in planning events or in designing services.
The LAUNCH Cycle: A Design Thinking Framework for Education

STEM in Action with Mrs. Shonk

Closed and Open Circuits

5th grade learned about open and closed circuits and made light up Christmas cards.

Hour of Code

2nd, 3rd and 4th grade celebrated Hour of Code at learning about computer science and programming, with repeat patterns and loops.
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1st Grade

The first grade students at East Side completed Candy Cane Investigations. We began by learning about how candy canes are made. We then did some experimenting to see what would happen to candy canes in different solutions. We made predictions, then tested the candy canes in hot water, cold water, vinegar, and oil. We did sketches of the candy canes before we started and then after 5 minutes in each solution. We continued to monitor the candy canes and then checked to see if our predictions were correct. We had a blast and we especially loved getting taste candy canes of our own! :)
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Third Grade


The third graders read the book A New Improved Santa and the students designed and created new sleighs for Santa. The also completed a writing assignment with instructions on how to fly the new Sleigh.
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Ideas for the New Year

STEM newsletter

Compiled by Susan Pence

STEM coach

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