By. Leila

My name is Leila.

Today I am going to talk about my country which is Haiti. I was not born in Haiti,but my parents and ancestor were form Haiti. Haiti most people call it poor country,but it is a beautiful and rich country. People who visited Haiti, do not want to came back to George again. Haiti has more freedom and less stress. People in Haiti so nice and beautiful. The beauty Haiti has, I do not think any Caribbean country has. The food so delicious, the weather want people live there, the beach oh my God, so interesting. One thing people did not understand about that beautiful Caribbean country the beauty, there were criticized it by it beauty. Hellas, if the Haitian Government love that beautiful women call Haiti, They will never treat the way the tread now. They are speak two language the primary language is Creole, and French is the second language.
Before the Haiti country were under the dictatorship government. After the Papa Doc and Baby doc the country run by a democracy now. Most industry is Rhum Barbancourt, Asco, and Mase. The currency we used in Haiti is Gourdes. The favor food is Criott, Pate, Plainti, piclise and rice gravy with bean and Yellow vegetable soup.
The education system in Haiti is really hard. Most of everything is about memorize and make sure they focus in their assignment. We have two mains religion in Haiti the first is Catholic and Voodooism and Baptiste. Haiti capital is Port-au-Prince.
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