AEEA Rep Council Meeting Summary

February 25, 2019

Juan Alvarez Visited

This newly elected board member came by to hear what we were concerned about and what questions we have before he goes and meets with Mr. Downing soon. Here's what people brought up:


  • In the LCAP proposal report Downing gave last month, there was insufficient behavior support. Could he please clarify/reconsider the "Certificated Equity Champion"?
  • People who are out of the classroom should be required to come back every so often so they're not out of touch
  • Article 5.2 is being used to bully teachers into taking positions they don't actually want
  • Not enough IAs
  • GATE is being clustered into multiple classes next year - what is that about (more below)
  • By state law, subs may cancel a job and get sick pay. So what kinds of incentives can we give so they don't cancel on us?
  • Subs need higher pay to bring them in.
  • Kids are being farmed out to multiple classrooms when there is no sub. Parents should be informed, and this shouldn't happen in the first place.
  • Late start has worse luck with subs because they start later
  • Subbing hierarchy is not being followed (When no sub, admin cover class. If not them, DO people like directors & curriculum specialists). However, coaches, TOSAs, etc continue to get pulled and shouldn't be.
  • We need a raise
  • Hourly rate has not raised much over many years.
Thursday Leadership Meeting
  • Behavior is the worst
  • Who is technically in charge when P/VP gone?
  • Can't we do a televised meeting?
  • Can't they do Wednesday afternoons?
  • Lack of DLI materials

If you have any other questions/concerns, you may always contact Juan at (714) 944-8224.

GATE Clusters

Hot off the press! It's just been announced that classes will be distributed differently next year, so that there will be ~2 GATE cluster classes rather than 1 full GATE class (varies, of course, with each situation, but that's the basic idea).

For one thing, we got dinged for having too many GATE-identified students, so we will no longer have full classes as they start coming up from 2nd.

For another, this model is more equitable, rather than there being the DLI class, the GATE class, and all the "other" students. There will be a better distribution of ability/behavior levels.

People are concerned at the moment that this means more shifting around. Why? People who already have GATE certifications can transfer to those clusters first, possibly displacing the existing gen ed teacher(s). Once all the transfers are done, THEN people without certifications can take any leftover GC positions and promise to go to the GATE Certification Program next year.

This all just came out very recently, but Faith is going to see if we can possibly have an MOU for this year to allow the "promise-I'll-get-it-next-year" people to get the positions earlier to prevent mass displacement.

In Other News

Small class size was a single-year agreement, so it's on the table again this year. Otherwise we'll go back to the former class sizes.

Multi-Track to Single-Track

  • Calendar approved, so YES it's happening
  • Edison, Mann will get more parking
  • Ponderosa will get more portables
  • They may get new playground equipment, especially if it has to get moved for new parking/rooms.
  • Still working out other logistics to make this transition work.
  • 3 teachers in the whole district signed up to switch to DLI
  • For all other positions, they'll be hiring outside the district
  • There is SOME possibility of allowing emergency waivers for non-BCLAD people ONLY if they search and still find insufficient people
  • People feel like they're being moved out of the way for DLI

T-Shirt Orders due March 11 - $5


  • Completely protected - no mandatory meetings
  • Minimum days that are NOT Wednesday are NOT protected.

Staffing Timeline: I have it and will post it in the lounge. If I get a digital version, I will forward.

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