Monday Memo

August 17, 2015

From the Principals' Desk.......

Greeting! As we are starting our third week of school there is plenty to look forward to. We are expecting the installation of your Apple TV's with projectors & carts this week. I know you all are excited about being able to use these for enhanced learning. You can look forward to dedicated digital bulletin about Apple TV that will have information you can use right away. I will be traveling on Wednesday of this week to Kansas City to observe the student roll-out of another ConnectED school. The goal is to learn as much as possible from their experience to ensure a successful student roll-out of our own.

The remainder of this Monday Memo contains several Staff Spotlights! We have a large Pre-K team! You will also find information about the LEAPS social skills curriculum that can be used as part of any behavior management or positive intervention plan. I have also included the next two focus strategies from Marzano's Nine Essential Strategies. Finally, at the end you can click on the button to take you to the faculty master calendar. It will be updated on a regular basis.

Staff Spotlight Pre-K

LEAPS (Social Skills Curriculum)

Every educator in our school can sign up and use Leaps just by signing up and logging into their account. To get registered for an account, simply go and complete the online registration form using your school email, this is a onetime process. From that point on to access Leaps, is quick and easy! You login by going to our website at, click on the "Sign In" button, and enter your account name and password.

For your convenience, training to use Leaps is free online and we have tools in your Leaps account as well! Training includes how to use our PBS tool “Classrooms Challenges” to improve overall classroom performance, Individual assessments to reduce problem behaviors, how to use the comparison reports to monitor progress and many other aspects of Leaps.

We offer training in a number of different ways:

  • Choose a convenient date and time (with 5 or more attendees) then request a free online Leaps training at
  • Click on your “Curriculum” Tab and access our short training videos in the first module.
  • Watch Training on our You Tube Channel

If you have any questions or need anything further, 877-775-3277 or by email at

Classroom Instruction that Works~ Focus Strategies

McREL - Classroom Instruction That Works (2nd Ed.) Reinforcing Effort & Providing Recognition
McREL - Classroom Instruction That Works (2nd Ed.) Nonlinguistic Representations