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Spring Semester has Sprung!

Students have completed the Fall semester and we are cruising into the Spring Semester. Some students will return to our campus for a new course and others will continue on their path with advanced courses. Either way we are thrilled to have them on our campus and taking the initiative to plan their future and "Chart their Course" for success.

CCE Teacher of the Year: Mrs. Denise Harman, Graphic Design and Illustration

Congratulations to Denise Harman for being voted as CCE Teacher of the Year! Mrs. Harman is the Graphics Design and Illustration teacher from basics to career prep level courses. Mrs. Harman has been a teacher for 20 years, starting as a junior high teacher and color guard teacher in her early career. Prior to teaching she was a graphic designer for Phoenix Graphics in Fort Worth for 17 plus years, bringing her expertise and talent to the classroom in 1999 at Dale Jackson as the Graphic Design teacher. She made the move across town in 2010 to Career Center East and has now been influencing and guiding students here for 6 years. The list is long for the students that have gotten their careers started in Mrs. Harman's classroom. Outside of the classroom Denise is a proud grandmother of two loves dogs and enjoys traveling; so much that she has been to all 50 states. Congratulations to a wonderful teacher with a passion for what she is passing on to our ambitious and creative students.

Certifications and Job Opportunities Close Out the Fall Semester

Students of the 2nd 9 Weeks

Highlight Student: Eva Tenya, Hebron High School, Senior

Eva is a student that is starting her third career center course this spring in the Pharmacy Technician class. Eva has completed the three basic courses for Health Science as well as the Medical Assisting (MA) course at Dale Jackson Career Center. Eva recently passed her Medical Assisting certification exam. Eva believes that the career center courses have given her, and many others, the opportunity to figure out the direction that she wants to go for her future. The courses are more of what she wanted to pursue as a career and in her future education and with this she found the opportunity opening doors for her. The basic courses gave her a foundation to build off of as she continues with the advanced courses. The MA course taught her how to take notes and how to study for something at a high level. With all of the hard work that she has put into these courses she has found a new level of dedication for her passion in the medical field. She has learned that even though there are going to be difficult subjects and courses in her future she can work hard and collaboratively with others in the same situation and get through them successfully. She is very thankful for the opportunity to work alongside professionals in the field through her externships and thinks this will be a substantial learning experience.

With her focus redirected and a feeling of a new dedication to her dream of becoming an ER doctor, Eva will attend Texas State University in the fall and pursue her Bachelor's Degree in Nursing while using either her MA certification or her Pharmacy Technician certification (pending a successful completion) to help support herself and the cost of college. After becoming a nurse she wants to work in the Emergency room and later return to school to pursue her Medical Degree and work as an Emergency Room doctor.

Going to College? Don't forget to turn in your FASFA form!

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Deadlines may vary by college however, the state deadline is midnight March 15th! Don't miss this opportunity to apply for federal and state funding for college.

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