China on the World Stage

Weighing the U.S. Response

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China’s reemergence as a global power provides new questions and new opportunities for U.S.-China relations. Join the Choices Program for an afternoon of discussion and sharing of best practices for using the newly revised China on the World Stage: Weighing the U.S. Response curriculum unit.


Thursday, March 14th 2013 at 4-6:30pm

200 Dyer St

Providence, RI

Cost: $45

A light supper, a copy of the newly revised Choices unit, China on the World Stage: Weighing the U.S. Response, and a certificate of attendance will be provided.

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Hear Rebecca Nedostup, Brown University History professor and creator of the popular China Gateway website, discuss "Asia's Orphan?: Taiwan's Shifting Place in Empire, Nation, Region, and World."

Dr. Nedostup’s presentation will explore Taiwan's modern history as a frontier island of hybrid cultures, only periodically brought under a strategic spotlight through the interactions of empires, rising nation-states, and hot and cold wars. The diversity of Taiwan's historical experience has produced a culture that is simultaneously worldly and intensely tied to place, and a democracy that is arguably Asia's most vibrant.

During the workshop we will also:

  • Explore new lessons in China on the World Stage: Weighing the U.S. Response
  • Share best practices with other educators for using Choices units and Scholars Online videos in your classroom
  • Learn about other resources for teaching about China and U.S.- China relations

Rebecca Nedostup

Rebecca Nedostup received her PhD in modern Chinese history from Columbia University in 2001, and then taught at Purdue University and Boston College before coming to Brown in 2012. She works at the intersection of politics. culture and society during the twentieth century in China and Taiwan. She is also interested in comparative, theoretical, and methodological issues surrounding ritual and spatial analysis and the relationship of nationalism, religion and modernity. Her main research sites to this point have been Nanjing and other parts of Jiangsu; Chongqing; Shanghai; and various places in Taiwan, some of which she lived in prior to beginning her career as a scholar. In addition to her other interests, she enjoys consuming and teaching about Asian popular culture in its various forms, historical as well as contemporary.

The Choices Program

The Choices Program is a national education initiative developed at Brown University's Watson Institute for International Studies. The Choices Program develops curricula on current and historical international issues and offers workshops, institutes, and in-service programs for high school teachers. Course materials place special emphasis on the importance of educating students in their participatory role as citizens.