Jackson Jaguars ROAR

February 2021 Edition at Jackson Elementary School

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Jackson Parents/Guardians,

February is here already! Can you believe it? This year is flying by very quickly! I want to thank you all for your continued support with the ever-changing schedules. We are very hopeful that we can continue the year with minimal disruptions!

*Valentine's Day is coming! If your child(ren) is interested in exchanging valentines with their classmates on Friday, February 12, there are a few things to remember.

  1. There must be enough valentines for the entire class.
  2. We ask that all valentines are brought into the school NO LATER than Wednesday, February 10, 2021.
  3. While your teacher will let you know what is needed should there be treats, if you want to bring goodies in for the entire class, they must be factory sealed (straight from the store) with the ingredients label in place.

*Students who are online will also have a special day, but modified to accommodate their location. Stay tuned for information from your child(ren)'s teacher.

E-Learning Days(formally Snow Days)-Now that we have made it through our first E-Learning day, I think it is safe to say that our students were prepared! They know how to participate in a Remote Learning Day, so an E-Learning day was an easy transition for them. Jackson's staff is here to help support families as we navigate each new experience this school year. E-Learning days are called by Dr. Michael Thomas, District 11's Superintendent, so please make sure your child(ren) is logged onto the morning meeting at 8:00am and complete their work for the day.

Attendance-We have noticed that there are a few students who are not coming to school on a regular basis, both in person and online. Please remember that the law of attendance clearly states that all students, ages 6-17 must attend school on a regular basis. Each student is only allowed 11 absences in an entire school year (or 4 a month). Otherwise, they are considered "truant".

Unfortunately, we do NOT offer students the opportunity to learn from home if they have committed to in person learning (or vice versa), as all of our interventions, reading groups, math groups, specials classes, and enrichment opportunities depend on a specific schedule. We do, however, work with parents/guardians to make special arrangements based on specific needs. This is only for specific cases and we need to be in communication with parents/guardians before this can happen. (Please read below for more information.)

Please continue to communicate with the front office at: (719) 328-5800 or the attendance line: (719) 328-5813 if you have any questions, specific circumstances, etc.

Thank you,

Sara Miller

Principal, Jackson Elementary


Upcoming Dates

February 1, 2021
  • 8:00 Live Morning Meeting (The rest of the day is scheduled for students to complete independent work.)

February 2-12, 2021

  • WIDA Access Testing for ESL students

February 8, 2021

  • 8:00 Live Morning Meeting (The rest of the day is scheduled for students to complete independent work.)
  • Parent Support Team Meetings

February 12, 2021

  • Valentine's Day at School (K-5)
  • Online Valentine's Day celebrations (K-5)

February 15, 2021

  • No School-President's Day observed

February 22, 2021

  • 8:00 Live Morning Meeting (The rest of the day is scheduled for students to complete independent work.)
  • Parent Support Team Meetings

Can my child learn from home today, even though they are registered as being in-person?

With all of the District 11 calendar changes this year, there may be some confusion about if your child can stay home to learn instead of coming into the building if there is bad weather, a personal scheduling conflict, they aren't feeling well, etc.

When we began this quarter, families were given the opportunity to choose to either bring their child(ren) in person or keep them online. We have created our Master schedule to reflect the students who are online and who are in person. Therefore, it is very important to keep to what you have already committed to.

Unfortunately, Jackson does NOT offer the opportunity for you to change your child(ren)'s learning platform without gaining permission from the Principal. You will have one more opportunity in March to change one final time this school year. Thank you for your understanding!

Counseling Corner with Mrs. Ruiz

Jackson Parents/Guardians,

We are so excited that students have come back into the building! We are sure that you are excited as well! Please stay safe and healthy so that we can continue in person learning. We look forward to continuing our partnership with you with your child’s learning. We know that these are difficult and chaotic times. Please reach out to us with any concerns or needs, and we will communicate with you as well. My phone number is (719) 328-5836, I am on ClassDojo, and my email is leslie.ruiz@d11.org. Here are some tips to ensure you child gets the most out of their education. Mrs. Ruiz, School Social Worker/Counselor

Parent Involvement in Education: The Key to a Healthy Future

Several studies over the past five decades have shown that when parents are involved in their child’s education, it improves academic achievement. Beyond academic achievement, parent involvement is also associated with better behavior, social skills, and mental health. The CDC calls parent engagement a “protective factor” that may help children avoid risk behaviors that affect their health and learning.

  • Any caregiver or guardian plays just as strong of a role in educational involvement.
  • Having daily conversations at home about what your kids are learning and what interests them about school is an effective way to stay involved.
  • Encourage your child to apply what they learn in school to real life situations to help them grasp the importance of what they are being taught.
  • Be positive! Maintain positive attitudes about the school and education in general.
  • Respond to your child’s academic struggles in an empathetic and supportive way, and frame them as an opportunity for growth. It’s OK to not be good at everything, so it’s about helping them find their strengths and what they respond enthusiastically toward.
  • Check in with your child’s teacher and attend parent-teacher conferences, family nights, and other events. Make sure communication goes two ways.


Please let me know if you need anything!

Thank you,

Mrs. Leslie Ruiz

Social Worker, Jackson Elementary

Media Center Moments

It is great to see the students back in the library! With COVID restrictions, we are limiting the kids to one book at a time. 4th and 5th graders are putting holds on books and the books are then delivered to the classroom. Preschool-3rd grade are choosing from books displayed on the library tables.

If your child is wanting a book that is not available on the tables, please remind them to talk to me or their teacher and we will try and have it available the next time they come to the library.

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Sobecki

Contact Information

Jackson Office: 719.328.5800

Attendance Line: 719.328.5813

Sara Miller, Principal: sara.miller@d11.org

Sue Lesar, Staff Assistant: susan.lesar@d11.org

Tricia Shirola, Administrative Assistant: tricia.shirola@d11.org

Leslie Ruiz, Social Worker: leslie.ruiz@d11.org

Rhonda Sobecki, Library Technology Teacher: rhonda.sobecki@d11.org

Staff contact information can be found here: https://www.d11.org/domain/733