Book Bytes

Glenwood Library

3rd Quarter Report-2013

Circulation Statistics & Teacher Requests

Total Checkouts: 8,744 (+2,748 books or up 31% from last quarter - attributing to the new automation system, including new online catalog)

Teacher Requests: 47 (+12 or up 26% from last quarter)

Library Classes

  • Review check-out procedures and how to use a shelf marker
  • Review book care and parts of a book
  • Seasons
  • Literary elements (characters, setting, beginning/middle/end)
  • Sequencing
  • Holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas)

1st Grade
  • Review book care and choosing a "just right book"
  • Fiction vs. Nonfiction
  • Sequencing
  • Families
  • Money
  • Holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas)

2nd Grade
  • Review book care
  • Alphabetical order
  • Fiction vs. nonfiction
  • Nonfiction text features (index, table of contents, glossary) and usage

3rd Grade
  • OPAC (Online Catalog) introduction and group work
  • Genre introduction

4th Grade
  • Nonfiction text features (table of contents, glossary, index) and usage
  • Primary & Secondary source introduction
  • Internet safety

5th Grade
  • Dictionary skills (guide words & multiple definitions)
  • Alphabetical order
  • Genre introduction
  • INFOhio resources
  • Native American research (social studies collaboration)

6th Grade
  • Review OPAC and nonfiction book arrangement by playing Cafe Dewey
  • INFOhio resources

Teacher Collaboration: 4th & 5th Grade

The 4th graders did a research project on different cities and regions in Ohio. We reviewed the database resources available through and discussed why these resources are considered print resources and are very reliable.

The 5th graders researched explorers. They are using websites as one of their resources, so we used this opportunity to focus on the importance of evaluating websites to be sure the information is reliable.

Professional Development: OELMA (Ohio Educational Library Media Association) Midwinter Conference

  • Previewed the School Library Media Specialist Performance Evaluation Rubric & OTES Performance Evaluation Rubric draft
  • Attended the following sessions: "Setting Goals for Your Professional Growth," "Creating Student Learning Objectives to Impact Student Learning," & "How to Evaluate Your Library Program"
  • Networking opportunities with librarians from all over Ohio

Other Updates: New Automation System-Destiny Quest!

  • Updated automation system and our online catalog to Destiny Quest
  • Students have the ability to find books easier, keep lists of what they are reading/have read, request books from other elementary schools in the district, recommend books to their peers, and write book reviews
  • All students have access to Destiny Quest by going through the school’s website or going to
  • Download free Destiny Quest application on an iDevice (iPhone, iPod, iPad) or an Android device
  • Students & teachers absolutely love it and it has helped increase circulation numbers

Thank you so much for making all these amazing opportunities possible!