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Spots and more Sports

I have been playing sports for the majority of my life and they include, Soccer Basketball and track. I love to play all sports and try new ones. My family all are really active witch I think put a big impact on me being active and loving sports. I really like playing sports because you stay supper fit and good shape but you also just have the time of your life out on the field or court. For me my favorite sport is soccer and I can tell you right now that there is nothing better then the felling of scoring a goal or the first whistle to start the game, I have the biggest adrenaline rush witch gives me all I have to play my best. By playing sports and sticking with them I have had maying teams want me for collage and for pro!

My Dad

I look up to my dad so much for sports like soccer because it has make us super close because we both share this interest so much. He has played soccer all his life and played on a very good team asa 18 year old. I also love how much time and support he gives me to have fun and do my best a live the life I want to live. I find it so amazing how he has never missed one of my games and is always so eager to play with we at the park and at half time and just help me out. I think the only way you will really love what you are doing is if you know what your doing makes you happy, and having a wonderful family that supports is all the way is all I can ask for.

All Amazing Sports

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I recommend

I recommend you research a sport if you think you might be interested in it and see if you would like to do that as a activity. I think everyone should try playing sports because its a great way to just have fun and be fit at the same time.