Grambing State University



Grambling State University is in Grambling,LA.The mascot is the grambling tiger.The colors for Grambling is Black and gold.Their nicknames are The Tigers.


The college has baseball,football,basketball,softball,soccer,staff directory,and dance.Their acceptance rate is 55%.Their are 4,994 people enrollment.

The Pictures

The picture below is a picture of my 23 year old bestie. I put put her there because she went to Grambling. She was Pretti_mz_black.The other picture is a picture of the school.The video below the picture is their dance team.
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The World Famed Grambling State University Tiger Marching Band | 2013 | State Fair Classic

Type of Program I want to Study

I want to study dance and cheering.I want to study dance and cheer because that is all I have done my whole life.I love to dance I think it is one of the things I love best about myself.This is what I wanted at why I wanted to go for dance and cheer.

Rates,Population,and Ratio

Retention rate:72.3

Graduation rate:68.0

Low-Income Demographics:934

Student/Teacher ratio:19-1

Academic /Athletic Scholarship Requirments

1.You must graduate from high school

2.You must complete 16 core courses and receive a minimum GPA of 2.0 in those courses.The core requirements are as follows 4 years of English,3 years of math,2 years of natural Physical Science,and 1 extra year of any category.

3.You must take a SAT or ACT and score a minimum of 400 on the SAT or 37 on the ACT.

To Be Contenued

4.Your core courses GPA combined with SAT/ACT score requirements as laid or laid out by the NCAA sliding scale.


Life and housing promotes a safe on campus living environment that is comfortable,affordable,and well maintained to create a positive living environment for students.

Extra curricular activities

Grumbling State University has clubs,organizations,societies,ministries,marching band,choir,cheer leading, and the dance company.
GSU College Vlog #7 | Move-In day, New roommates, & Campus tour!!