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By: Jackie Bello and Mia Duprey

Our goal is to put the youngest person on top of Mount Everest! And that could be you!

Climate on Everest

Tempature: On the summit in January can be -33F
can drop to -76F, and the tempature in July can be -2F and to -19F.

The best way to get to the summit quickly is: January to Febuary.
The best way to summit with no rainy days is: January to September.

Where the summit of Everest is at the very top of the Troposhpere.

The season on the best time to summit is spring.


Training: around $8,000
Gear: around $10,000
Climb: around $35,000-$100,000
Extras: around $2,000-$4,000

It may be pricy but we offer many deals!

Climbing helps tourism.

Holly Angelo's report Youngest Person Summits Everest

The wind were high they were up on a high altitude.There lungs filled with the littlest of air every breath was less than an once of oxygen.Peak was going to be the youngest person to reach the top of mount Everest and Sunjo was going to be the first free tibeten on top of mount Everest.They were 10, just 10 feet away from the top of the world. Sunjo wanted to give up but Peak did not let him give up he grabbed him by the arm and pulled him closer to the peak.
Peak could not take will his lungs couldn't so Peak got left behind he told Sunjo to put his prayer flag on the summit. So Sunjo went on and put the prayer flag were it belong. Sunjo took both titles and Peak was heading down the mountain, Sunjo was so happy he reach the summit after that Peak went back home to New York and had the best birthday even though he did not make the summit.He was happy because he was alive and with his family and was talking and writing to his dad again.Peak is a very brave young man to be that close to the summit many have died just to be that close and congrats to Sunjo the youngest and first free tibet and kid in the world to reach the top of mount Everest.

The youngest summits Everest!

Sunjo could barley feel anything he felt like he was going to die, so close... he thought yet so far away..., 30feet away. 20 feet away time seem to fly by like a jet 10 feet. Then he saw Peak. Peak walked up to him take this he said," make it to the top I don't deserve it." "But why" Sunjo said." You deserve it , put up them prayer flag be the youngest person to reach the top you can do it", and then 5 minutes later...Sunjo had made it to the top as the youngest and the first tebitan person to ever summit Everest. Peak had given up his opportunity just for Sunjo. That's what you call true friendship.