Digital Conversion Bytes

Vol. 5 - November 18, 2016

Nearpod: Keeping students focused on learning

Students at Heritage Elementary in Ms. Courtney Dinwiddie's class have been using an app called Nearpod. Nearpod is an interactive presentation tool that teachers can use to guide students through a lesson. Once students join a presentation, the teacher has the ability to control the student screens, allowing them to see exactly what the teacher wants them to be seeing at that moment. Along the way, the teacher can provide multimedia content, quizzes, or other activities to keep students engaged and learning. Ms. Dinwiddie really enjoys how easy it is to create and share the presentations she makes with others and her students enjoy the "fun" they have while participating in the presentations.

Nearpod was recently featured at "What's 'App'ening," a professional development session conducted many times throughout the year where teachers share an app and how to use it. Teachers from across the district attend to gain new knowledge and to share ideas and best practices with their colleagues.

Nearpod - Heritage Elementary
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Chromebooks provide an Engaging & Fun way to review for tests

Mr. Michael Roach has enjoyed having the Chromebooks in his Biology classes at Edmond North Freshman Academy. Mr. Roach utilizes web tools like Kahoot! to create engaging and fun ways to help students reflect on content and review for tests, which is one of the favorite ways the students use the Chromebooks. Students like the instant feedback they get from the web tools; they know exactly what they need to study and it is fun!
Chromebooks at Edmond North

Canvas discussions allow for idea sharing

Canvas has many wonderful tools, however a tool teachers have found to be a great tool to start with is the Discussions tool. Discussions allow interactive communication between the students in a course. Teachers can also participate in these discussions which can help push students to further develop their thinking skills, help students bridge gaps in their learning, and even model how to participate in a discussion.

When Ms. Dani Terrell, Journalism teacher at Heartland Middle School attended Canvas training recently, she knew exactly where she was going to begin her Canvas journey. Immediately following the training, she had her Yearbook students use the Discussion tool to discuss their school yearbook design. Students were able to share their ideas for the cover theme by typing them in the discussion and even attaching photos to help explain their ideas. After submitting their ideas, students were able to go in and "like" what people had said and even feed off of each other's ideas by expanding upon them. Ms. Terrell often found her students working on this discussion after school hours which allowed her to use class time to cover other important topics.

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About the Project

Mission: Empowering all students to succeed in a

changing society

Vision: Advancing excellence in everything we do!

Digital Conversion, simply put, is about learning and not about technology. The project will provide student mobile devices, digital content (curriculum, including textbooks), professional development, network infrastructure, and a Learning Management System. This project will provide our students with the experience, skills, confidence, and adaptability they will need to succeed in college and in the workforce.