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News You Can Use from Bianca and Andrea - NOVEMBER 2022

Exploring Strategies for Supporting Veterans’ Success in Classroom

As we move further into the month of November and continue to honor Veterans, we encourage you to think about how your course environments support Veteran students. What opportunities are there to incorporate new strategies into your course design and delivery that support Veteran students? The Veterans Resource Center (VRC) has developed several resources to support working with Veterans and military-connected students. Check out this short video about Strategies for Veterans’ Success in the Classroom to learn more. Looking for additional support? Connect with our new Veterans Counselor, Gina Ciardella Palmer.

Syllabus Lab - Drop in and join us!

Spring 2023 is coming soon! Have you given your syllabi a fresh look? Are you looking to edit, adapt, or refresh your syllabus? Your IDs are here to support you with getting ready for Spring semester. We're hosting our first Syllabus Lab the first week of December (12/5-12/8) to offer syllabi tune-ups, individual consultations, help with grading approaches, and more! Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more details. Email Andrea Fuentes and Bianca Rowden-Quince with questions.

Peer Course Reviews by your friendly Instructional Designers

Are you looking for an extra set of eyes on your course its Spring launch? CTTL designers are offering opportunities to conduct peer reviews on courses for Spring 2023. Cash in on opportunities to get feedback on updates to your courses in time for Spring 2023 and collaborate on new ideas. Contact Andrea or Bianca for details!

Bite-Size Professional Learning

Thinking about course design? Here are four resources for bite-sized professional learning:

  1. Thinking about humanizing your course? Learn a bit more about the WHY behind humanizing and its link to brain and the limbic system. Check out this video: Hacking the Limbic System: Comfort, Fear, Excitement and Learning (see below).
  2. Browsing for ideas? Explore our searchable Faculty Repository including tutorials and Flex Day materials.
  3. Ready to drive? Check out the No More Easy Button: A Suggested Approach to Post-Pandemic Teaching (podcast) from Cult of Pedagogy.
  4. On Social Media? Follow CTTL on Twitter.
Hacking the Limbic System: Comfort, Fear, Excitement and Learning