Animal Farm

Steven R. Ramos

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 is about the animals working on the farm.But first, the pigs tries to teach the animals how to do human stuff.After that, the animals started working on the farm.Boxer the horse worked on the farm the most.He worked so hard that he created his motto, saying, "I will work harder!"The cats however were the laziest on the farm that they hardly ever work on the farm during the day.The rest work time to time during the day on the farm.

Sign Post in Chap.3

Sign Post: Contrast and Contradiction

in page Pg.35 2nd paragraph

Its contrast and contradiction because The pigs and the animals made a rule stating 'All animals are equal' Yet the pigs steals the Apples and the Milks and lies to the others that they didn't steal anything so they are breaking the rules they made.This is why this part is Contrast and Contradiction because why are the pigs doing this other then having it for them selves?