What Is The Cost Of Pursuing A Dream?

The cost of pursuing a dream is values. If somebody wants something bad enough, they will do what ever it takes to get what they want.

Tom Buchanan lost his values by committing adultery with Myrtle Wilson. Tom Buchanan had absolutely no values, because he actually thought, "it did her good to get away"(Fitzgerald 23). Myrtle also lost her values by lying to Wilson and telling him that, "she goes to see her sister in New York"(Fitzgerald 23). When she is secretly having an affair with Tom in an apartment that Tom bought. Just like in The Great Gatsby, in the Inside Job, the stock broker's lost their values by committing adultery with the prostitute.

Gatsby was so in love with Daisy that he was willing to do anything for her. In fact, it was no coincidence that Gatsby's house was right across the bay form Daisy's. "I think he half expected her to wander into one of his parties"(Fitzgerald 65), thats why he made them so extravagant. Just like in The Great Gatsby, in a movie called, Indecent Proposal, with Robert Redford, and Demi Moore. Robert Redford plays a wealthy man who offers Demi Moore one million dollars to be with him for one night. Also, in the movie, Demi Moore is married, so her and her husband do this for the money. Mean while, Robert Redford's true mission in the movie, is to win over Demi Moore with his money and charm. Robert Redford lost is values when trying to pursue something that wasn't his, just like Gatsby did, in The Great Gatsby.

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The Great Gatsby Movie CLIP - You Can't Repeat The Past (2013) - Leonardo DiCaprio Movie HD
Each person had their own motive for loosing their values. Although, in the end, it is all wrong. Even if you achieve your dream, you put yourself in danger to loose something you once had. In this case, everyone lost their values. Which means, they lost the meaning of whats important in life.


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