Teacher 2 Teacher

January 2016

What is This?


Welcome to our 6th edition of Teacher 2 Teacher. Teacher 2 Teacher is a short and sweet newsletter that will focus on one tip a month to promote effective parent and school communication.

Tip #6: K.I.S.S. More in 2016

As we all sit down to make those 2016 resolutions. let us not forget our parents. As educators it is easy to engage in what I call "alphabet soup." Any and everything in the world of education has an acronym. Many of which our parents are not familiar. Also, our data specific standards based language can be intimidating. So in 2016 we are going to K.I.S.S. more ;-). Keep It Simple Sunshine (KISS). We are going to make our language parent friendly and summarize often. The goal is to deliver the message as simply as possible. By now I'm sure they are already impressed by our intellect ;-). Happy New Year!!!

Shiloh Middle School-Parent Center

Ms. Bishonna Jones
Parent Instructional Coordinator (PIC)

Parent Center Hours: M/W/F 9-4:30 TUES. 9-12PM CLOSED Thursday