February 8, 2022

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From the Principals

Dear RES Community:

This will be the last issue of Tuesday's Newsday. We will be merging our RES weekly family update that is broadcast to you on Sundays with our Tuesday's Newsday into one communication that is sent every week. It will continue to include everything you see here, along with the RES PTA link and news from the surrounding community.

The new publication will be called the Weekly Rocky Roundup, and broadcast to the community on Sundays, beginning on Sunday, February 20.

We look forward to our continued partnership at RES as we "Reach ​Every ​Student" ​ ​together.

Have a wonderful week.

Melissa Labrosciano, Principal

Joe Amodio, Assistant Principal


Morning Drop Off

Our morning arrival is between 7:55 a.m. - 8:05 a.m. Our instructional day begins at 8:05 a.m. and it is imperative that all staff assisting with arrival are back in the building to work with children and attend to their professional obligations at this time. If it is after 8:05 a.m., and there are no staff members outdoors, please pull around to the MAIN PARKING LOT (big gym area) to drop your child off at the walkway, where they will enter the main entrance. Our office staff will welcome students into the building.

PLEASE AVOID THE BUS CIRCLE until after 8:20am, as we may have LATE BUSES arriving. Cars should not be staging in our bus circle or dropping off at the bus circle curb when buses are arriving. During these frigid days, buses are often late too.

In an effort to accommodate families due to the current circumstances, students will be allowed to enter the building through 8:10 a.m. without being considered tardy. Parents may drop off students or walk them to the main entrance door by parking in our Big Gym parking area. Our administrative assistants will welcome students into the building, without needing to wait in line, or outside.

Families dropping off K-2 students in the rear of the building are asked to adhere to the traffic patterns outline in the attached campus map here. Please drive down to the RCC field and loop around to wait in the car line.

To assist with the process, please be sure your child is ready with jackets, backpacks and masks on before pulling up to the drop off location. Parents are reminded to remain in vehicles when dropping off. If you need to assist your child with getting out of the vehicle, please pull into a parking spot.

Afternoon Drop Off

If you are picking your child up in the afternoon, we also ask for your support in helping to keep our line moving quickly. Please be sure to keep the pace while waiting so that our line immediately moves forward. Parents are reminded to remain in vehicles when picking students up. We understand there may be a need to assist children with buckling seat belts once they are in the vehicle, and ask that you pull into a parking spot, or directly in front our Big Gym to assist.

Please be aware that our mitigating strategies are being adhered to on our buses, including mask wearing and distancing. In general, our buses have been staffed and are running on schedule.

Thank you,

Sharon Weirsman, Interim Principal

Joe Amodio, Assistant Principal


Wednesday, February 9 - RES PTA Virtual Meeting 7pm

Monday, February 14 - Report cards accessible thru parent portal in PowerSchool

Thursday, February 17 - Early Dismissal 12:50pm Gr. K - 4, PreSchool at 12:15pm

Friday, February 18 - Monday, February 21 - February Break

Tuesday, February 22 - Students return to school

Tuesday, February 22 - Joint Meeting of ER9 BOE - JBHS at 7:30pm



Health Office Update:

  • If your child is sick and you need a covid test, please reach out to the nurse to get a home rapid test.
  • Please be sure to send your child to school with a mask that fits securely above the nose and below the mouth.
  • PLEASE REPORT ALL COVID CASES AND EXPOSURES TO THE NURSE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Email jconnolly@er9.org or call 203-938-2519 ext. 309 in addition to emailing the classroom teacher if you would like to inform them. The nurse needs to verify quarantine dates and will help determine when students are able to return to school.
  • IT IS COLD OUTSIDE - please remember to have students wear a warm coat, hat and gloves as we will go out for recess as much as possible. Please send snow boots when there is snow on the ground as well. Contact the nurse if you are in need of any of these items.

Thank you -

Nurse J. Connolly

Nurse D. Carley


As the weather gets colder, and there is more potential for ice and snow, buses tend to take longer to arrive and unload in our bus circle. And as many of you have experienced, lack of substitute drivers are causing buses to double-up. This makes for longer routes where they may arrive later in the morning.

With all that said, we ask that LATE student drop offs go to the big gym parking area, and those students walk down the walkway to the main entrance.

Cars should not be staging themselves between buses or driving around the buses during the morning drop off in our bus circle. This is VERY dangerous and a serious offense. You can incur a VERY hefty fine of $450, if reported. That fine increases for EACH bus you pass - 2 buses = $900. (Ref - CT Statue: 14-279)

You will likely see our SSO (security officer), John Parisi, more often in our bus circle during the morning.

Please keep students and staff safe, and drop off LATE students at the big gym parking area, until ALL buses have cleared RES. With winter approaching, it is safe to assume that on a regular school day, buses should have cleared the bus circle by 8:20am - UNLESS we have an exceptionally tough weather situation happening that morning.



Office hours for Special Services is 7:30am - 3:00pm during the regular school year.


Ms. Jennifer Del Conte, Director, Special Services


Ms. Michelle King, Administrative Assistant to Director of Special Services

mking@er9.org Ext. 313

Mrs. Jennifer Hankla, Supervisor, Special Services


Mrs. Marilyn Caruso, Secretary, Special Services

mcaruso@er9.org Ext. 312

Office hours for the main office is 7:30am - 3:45pm during the normal 10-month / 180 day school year.


Miss Bobbie Granskog, School Secretary

bgranskog@er9.org Ext. 304

Budgets, Payroll & Tuesday’s Newsday

Mrs. Komal Kulkarni, School Secretary

kkulkarni@er9.org Ext. 302

Registrar & Enrollment

Mrs. Rachel Saluzzi, School Secretary

rsaluzzi@er9.org Ext. 301

Assistant to School Principals

School Dismissal Manager & Subs


Nurse Connolly — Ext. 309

Library— Ext. 343

Kitchen — Ext. 346

You will find a complete list of telephone extensions and email addresses for our staff on our website www.reddingelementaryps.org