6th Grade Technology

By: David N. Fry


The iMovie trailer was a project which involved you having to make a trailer about your family or a event that happened in your life. You have to have real photos and you have to explain the event. you got the option to present or not.
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Explain Everything

The Explain Everything project was a math related project. You picked a problem from the smart board and you had to explain how to do it. This project just the teacher sees.
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Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck was a project about what career you want. You went to career locker and you picked a job and then you would find information about it. After that you would put together a presentation to present in class.
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Career Locker

In the career locker unit we had to take tests to figure out what job we would be good at. Then you would make a folder to keep the test results. Also you had to make the Haiku Deck.
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When we did the coding unit i really enjoyed it. It involved putting blocks inside a area for the actions to work. You had to make a guy make shapes and get a zombie to a plant etc.
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Learn To Type

In the learn to type unit we had to get through the intermediate course. It involved learning to type on the home row and upper rows. Also it taught us how to type on the number pad.
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