I was born in BURMA and i live with my family. my family are poor, we live in the farm. when i was ten years old, i always have to take care of my little brother, he was two years old, my mom and my dad always have to work for us. i really want to go to school but, i cant because i don't have time to go to school, i have to do a lot of thing at home.

When i was 11 years old, the Burmese army came and destroyed the place where we live and killed a lot of people so, me and my family have escape from there. we ran away and hide form the from the army, so that they can not get us, infect we have nothing with us, we don't have food, water, we stay in the forest for two day without food.

I was really hungry and all people that run away with us are hungry too. the next we came back home there nothing left. our homes are destroyed, and the next day our government came and give us food, and help us. we don't have home to stay so our government send us to another country called Thailand, also i have a lot of friends and i go to school with them. when i was 12 year old my family came to america. i was happy because i saw a lot of new thing and have a lot of friends. i go to school and study hard.