Surveillance Cameras

Should the government be able to use them?

Are you being watched everywhere you go?

There has been a debate about whether there should be more, less, or even no surveillance cameras. Some people think it will increase their safety, but others think it is an invasion of privacy. Everyone has their own opinion about it, and their are arguments for each side.

Yes, more cameras.

  1. Police can view surveillance footage to find suspects for crimes.
  2. It increases people's safety.
  3. Burglary and vehicle break-ins have declined 30% in San Francisco because of cameras.
  4. In Denver, cameras are used during storms to see if anyone is in trouble

No, less cameras.

  1. Cameras don't stop crimes or increase safety.
  2. Officers or government officials could abuse the use of cameras.
  3. Research shows that people's behavior changes if they know they are being watched.

What Do I think?

I think it is Ok for the government to use surveillance cameras because it helps solve crimes and it does increase safety. Some people think it is an invasion of privacy, but I don't think it is as long as they are put in public places, not in or around people's houses.