Weddell Seal

Leptonychotes Weddellii


Large animals that have an average weight of growing to 400-500 Kilograms, and can grow as long as 3m long. Colour is usually dappled grey and black (back), and white (belly). They have short/dense fur to protect them from the rather chilly waters.


Atarctica, the current definition of Antarctica is: A continent round the South Pole, situated mainly within the Antarctic Circle and almost entirely covered by ice sheets. . They spend most of winter under the sea ice of Antarctica,


These animals are Carnivores. Fish, Squid, Octopus and Prawns are common foods for this animal .


Females which are six years and over give birth in the month of October only to one pup each year . When pups are born the weigh between 25-30 Kilograms and by six weeks weigh 110-140 Kilograms.

The pups are feed rick/thick milk and at 3 years of age the reach their "maturity'' age.


Orcas (Killer Whale) and the Leopard Seal. Their main threats are us humans.


Weddell Seals have a life expectancy of 20 years, the suspected population of the Weddell Seal is 800, 000 individual seals.
Australian Antarctic Division

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Fun Facts

- The Weddell Seal Can Dive Up To 720m deep

- The Weddell Seal Can Stay Under water for up to 45 minutes

- Named after the British explorer (Antarctic) Captain Sir James Cook

- Most of the time the are infested by worms

Video Snapshot of 1st Weddell Seal Pup Tagged