Child Saftey

By : Abbie Draper

Six points of Danger

Burns, Sharp objects, posion, choking, drowning and automobiles/heat

Pictures of infant to 5 years old safety's

Danger examples

- Biting Cords connected to a outlet.

- Gettinb into a car without supervision.

- Child unattended while food is cooking.

- sharp edges of a table.

- Boiling water.


Saftey Examples

- Outlet plugs

- Gates for all children

- Locks on doors and cabinets

- Seatbelts


Before buying a kid a toy, look at recall items. When you do, see if there are incidents/injurys that are reported. The hazards such as choking,starting a fire or falling and the remedy, which is stop using the item and contact who it states to.