Keeping you "In the Know"...

"Learning begins at the edge of your comfort zone."

Campus Happenings:

  • I had the opportunity to share with all the ICs great things happening here at Shawnee Trail with our math process standards and Figure 19. I must say, what you do each and every day for our students here at Shawnee Trail is hard to put into words. Thank you for your commitment to the curriculum and learning alongside each other. What a great staff I get to learn with each and every day!

Curriculum Updates

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  • 1. Here is a GREAT...SUPER FANTASTIC app for math manipulatives! This has been loaded on the Student Learning Hub Symbaloo. Let's plan on opening this app up during planning, or before we collaboratively learn, and brainstorm ways we might incorporate this app into the workshop.


Supporting POWERFUL Mathematics Communication

2. Here is something I thought you would really like when it comes to the math process standards!! Instead of having many sheets with math process stems, they are all on one document. Compliments of another campus. Check it out! Here is the document .


Curriculum Update

Cluster 5: Ask Questions to Infer will be available Monday in eduphoria forethought. You will notice the following:

  • All cluster planners now have a link to the video. We also have a new format for the videos so you can see the writers and the documents! We hope you enjoy the new format as well as the accessibility of the videos within the cluster planner document.
  • In grades 4 and 5, the cluster planners now include some guidance with "look for" answers for the cluster pre-assessments. The videos for these clusters provide additional detail and guidance. (See samples below.)
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FISD Elementary Testing Calendar

Here is a link to the FISD Elementary Testing Calendar. Feel free to confirm these dates on your calendar!